Saturday, 10 September 2011

Swinging with a star - Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson (& Walter Brennan)

Saturday again - and we'll start into the the weekend swinging with some stars..

Here is one of my favourite songs from a western - one of my favourite western to be honest..:

Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson singing MY PONY, MY RIFLE AND ME in RIO BRAVO(1959)- hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do..

...and because... well... ...just because I want to: you'll get an extra benefit!

There was another song in that film - CINDY, CINDY - sung by Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin and Walter Brennan:

I love how John Wayne stands there - just enjoying the fun they had..

Hope you enjoyed it, too!

Have a marvellous weekend, my friends!

Thank you for listening!

Yours truly



  1. Nice post Irene. Rio Bravo is my favorite western of all time. And that song is just awesome. A wonderful post. Thank you.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Monty. Hope you will like the coming posts on this series, too. ;")

  3. I can't believe I just found you! Thanks so much for commenting today Irene. I see you know Monty too, he's one of my favorite bloggers! Kori xoxo

  4. O,Dean has such a velvety voice....

  5. Welcome, Kori! Yeah, Monty is one of my favourite bloggers, too.
    And: your welcome! I'll try to comment more from now on.. ;")

    Helga: This is exactly the word! "velvety" - that's perfect! Glad you like him, too!

  6. Please add me to the list..

    One of my favorite western songs.. :)


    Monty, is also one of my favorite bloggers. :)

  7. Hi, Dawn!

    Yeah - the song and Monty have quite a fan club.. ;")


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")