Sunday, 11 September 2011

Memorable Film and TV Characters (4): Lisa Fremont (Rear Window)

Lisa Carol Fremont

By far one of the best roles of a female in an Alfred Hithcock film is Lisa Fremont from Rear Window. As played by the wonderful Grace Kelly, Lisa was pure magic on screen. She was girlfriend to photographer L.B Jeff Jeffries (played by James Stewart). Who was laid up in his apartment with a broken leg. Lisa worked as a high society fashion consultant, so naturally she got to wear all the lastest and best clothes. And my god did she look amazingly beautiful. Every time she appeared on screen, you couldn't help but get lost in her beauty. Well I know I couldn't. And she was so playful and fun and engaging, that you always liked listening to her talk. The kind of person you could just listen to for days on end.

Lisa was unbelievably sexy ...

and a bit of a tease....

And once Jeff tells her about his neighbor and that he may have killed his wife, Lisa becomes very interested and even becomes Jeff's wingman so to speak. Since he can't move, Lisa takes it upon herself to do some snooping. No argument from her either, and it's not like Jeff can talk her out of doing it. Lisa Fremont is a wonderful character and one of Grace's best roles. She brings, pardon the pun, grace to the screen with her very presence. Rear Window is one of my favorite movies of all time and Grace Kelly has a lot to do with that. I really can't think of another actress doing justice to the character of Lisa.

Check out the fashion show Lisa put on in Rear Window...


  1. Do you want to know something that you will probably find unbelievable! I do NOT like the movie Rear Window. Yes, Irene, you have probably met the strangest person on the face of the earth...the one lone person in the classic movie world that doesn't like that film. (I often walk to the beat of my own drum, but never more than when it comes to this movie.) Just thought you'd like to know, so you can say, "I know a real strange bird."

    That said, I LOVE Grace in that movie...and her gorgeous wardrobe. She is so totally elegant in every scene. And Thelma Ritter is a total hoot. Gotta love her!!

    Have a great day,

  2. Forgot to tell you something funny. The reason I don't like Rear Window is because I don't like the idea of a Peeping Tom being a hero.

    Well, the rest of my family (hubby/2 kids) do like this movie, and when I told my son (the resident comedian of our home) the reason why I don't like it, he said, "Mom, that was the neighborhood watch system in action. What's not to like about neighborhood watch?"

    I got a good laugh at that! Thought you might too.

  3. Jimmy had to be really ill to even think about letting her get away! She was stunning beyond words in this one with a wardrobe (and charm bracelet) to die for. Dinner from "21"? Put the oven on low, Carl.

  4. Nice post, Monty.

    Love her outfits.

    @ Patti: I can totally see your point in that - nevertheless I love that film. ;") But more than ok with me if you don't. - oh - and: Yes, your son is quite a comedian! ;"D

    I would always go with Thelma Ritter as my favourite character in that film. (well, Thelma Ritter in every film..)


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