Friday, 30 September 2011

Que sera? in October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - so you will find a daily picture of a celebrity who fought or is fighting against this disease - posted by Monty and me. The post will be named It could happen to you - because it could.. and the first person I am going to present had the leading part in a film with a quite similar title.. but shush.. wait and see...

I also will join Monty at his blog ALL GOOD THINGS with his Classic Horror Film Fest.

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

80 + 40 = 2 x Birthday Post!!

Today a Swedish lady is celebrating her 80th birthday:

Anita Eckberg *September 29, 1931

And then we have a British actor - who's face most of you will know - but not his name. He turns 40 today - and is another one of my favourites:

Mackenzie Crook *September 29, 1971

Hope you all are celebrating a bit - never mind if it is your birthday or not..



Completely having kittens (13)

It's Thursday.. which means it's "purrs-day"!

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Here we have another of my top ten favourite actors:

Peter Lorre - really completely having kittens..

Have a great day!!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh - there's just one more thing... (13)

Time for another fun picture at Wednesday..

I think this one needs no further comment - Dean Martin's face tells tales.. - and Pier Angeli... just lovely..

Have a good time - and show off with what ever you have..

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"If my guys were doing something, I would know about it, trust me."

Some films really get on to ones nerves.. So did the film that I watched yesterday: directed by Gavin O’Connor, who also wrote the script (Joe Carnahan did some of the writing, too..) and whose twin brother Greg O’Connor produced the film:


In an nutshell:

New York, late December: Four police officers were killed – together with some gang members.

Officer Ray Tierney (Edward Norton) is – after some pushing by his father Deputy Chief Francis Tierney (John Voight) - going to find out who is responsible for that.

~ Francis, senior and Francis, junior at the funeral ~

His brother Francis “Franny” Tierney, jr. (Noah Emmerich) was the superior of the dead cops and Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell) - who is married to Franny's and Ray's sister Megan (Lake Bell) - is a fellow officer of them..

~ Officers Sandy and Jimmy - not on a Sunday afternoon walk.. ~

The more Ray investigates the more he finds out about corruption in and beyond the New York Police Department – even reaching into the Tierney family..

~ Ray, Jimmy and Franny - some brothers in law.. asking themselves: who knows what? ~

Watch out for
  • John Ortiz as Ruben "Sandy" Santiago.

  • Manny Perez as Coco Dominguez.

  • Rick Gonzalez - yeah, the guy from REAPER (2007-2009).. - as Eladio Casado.

  • Jennifer Ehle - she plays Abby the wife of Franny - you may know her from another "PRIDE": she was Elizabeth Bennett in the 1995 BBC-version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE... (.."the accurate one"..)

  • Not really a task to watch out for her - because you can hardly ignore her: Lake Bell as Jimmy's wife Megan.

~ Don't tell me you didn't notice her.. ~


  • The film was planned in 2001 and the filming was about to start in February 2002 but after the events of September 11, 2001 it was cancelled – it seemed to be very disrespectful to the actual New York Police Department to make a film about corruption. The filming was done in 2006 - but the film wasn't released till 2008..

  • Hugh Jackman and Mark Wahlberg were supposed to star in this film when it was first planned in 2001.

  • Nick Nolte was supposed to play Francis Tierney, sr. – but after three days of filming he left the production because of a chronic knee injury - so his part was given to Jon Voight.

  • The German title is DAS GESETZ DER EHRE = The Law of Honor.

  • Gary and Greg O’Connor are sons of a New York police officer.

~ The family is about to celebrate christmas: Francis sr., Franny and his wife Abby. ~

Let’s face the music:

The score was delivered by Mark Isham.

~ Colin Farrell - a guy I wouldn't like to be tackled by.. ~

No real glory:

The film is dedicated to Eric Hernandez.

24year old Hernandez was a New York cop and supposed to play in a bit part in the beginning scene of this movie (in which the police team does a football game).

In the night of January 28, 2006 he got in trouble with a group of others in front of a fast food restaurant. Hernandez who was out of duty at that time felt threatened so he pulled out his (service) firearm. In that moment another officer arrived – and shot the person who was armed..

Eric Hernandez died a week later due to the gunshot wounds.

Stay away from this film if you have problems with:
  • violence - there is some blood shed in this film..

  • harsh language. I was about to count all those "f-words" but after two minutes I had to give in because I lost track.. - I was at ca. nine "f...'s" ..

  • Suicides

  • corrupt cops

  • cancer - though it is no main part of the story - Abby obviously is not as healthy as one would wish for her to be..

~ Jennifer Ehle is doing some very fine and quiet acting in this film. ~

Quotes Corner:

"I was a good man once."

This line is delivered by officer Ruben "Sandy" Santiago (John Ortiz) who struggles with the ways he and his fellow officers have chosen - John Ortiz is doing a great job here.

This quote above like this one following:

"When we were kids, all we ever talked about was being cops."

shows that there is a difference between what a cop is supposed to be or in cliché is - and what he/she (ok - no "shes" in this film..) has to face in reality.

That being a good guy is a tough thing when the world around you is not good. It's a hard job to stay upright - and this is why this film makes me a bit sad.

Ray: "Have a few nips this evening, pop?"

Francis, sr.: "I had a glass of scotch, officer."

Ray: "Just one, huh?"

Francis, sr.: "I used that same glass, yeah."

Have a look:

Here's the trailer:

I think this film is not only a film about corruption but also about families. It's a main part of the plot that all men of the Tierney family are cops. (Don't talk about women.. They don't have big parts in this.. They are wives and mothers.. - or maybe drug addicts..) So the question of loyalty is a really tough one - who's first? Your family? - Or your team? - Or perhaps honesty?

Talking about the cast:

Let's be honest.. Edward Norton could act a cookery book. That man is awesome. Period. I won't discuss that.

And Colin Farrell is nothing but intense in his acting.

In the first minutes of the film I thought: "Oh.. sure.. here we go again.. Edward Norton is the nice guy again - and Colin Farrell means nothing but trouble.. oh.. surprise.. he is smashing a mirror.. ~yawn..~" - but actually: It works perfectly. And after a few minutes I was fully into this film.

I have to confess that I like cops to be the good guys. I don't like the idea that a cop runs into a grocery shop and takes all money from the cash box while threatening the shopkeeper with a gun or officers making a man tell them what they want to know by holding a hot flat iron very close to that man's baby.. No wonder that Daddy decides to not being friendly anymore.. ~ Listen to me Jimmy! It's like they told you in kindergarten: If you hurt Coco - Coco is going to hit you.. and let me add: He is going to hit you hard.. .. ~

I am a bloody romantic. I want cops to be like Edward Norton.

~ Actually, I want a lot of men to be like Edward Norton - but that's not the point now.. ~

I want to trust people.

And now that I made butterflies vomit because of me being so bloody naïve I am going to tell you something that might seem to be completely illogical:

I love this film. It's awesome.

Mr. Farrell is doing a great job in this film. I especially like his last scene - in which he is holding back a lot.

*SPOILER* This scene made me think of the famous scene of SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER (1959) - though it's not that horrible.. - but I think you get the image.. *SPOILER*

But actually the whole cast is amazing..

Thank you very much for listening,

yours (very well and) truly


- who prefers her world filled with butterflies and starshine.. or like they would say it in this film: F'##' butterflies and starshine..

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Monkees were waiting soo long for it...

but finally the time has come:

...Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are dancing in delight...

... Sharon Tate is all ears...

...Sophia Loren reapplies her lipstick...

and you please go voting!

The FAVORITE MUSICAL TOURNAMENT hosted by Monty at Dawn's blog SINGIN' AND DANCING BACK IN TIME. is gone into the next round. It's the 60s!!

Please visit and vote.

Batman and Robin won't loose time to go voting, too!!

Thank you for listening,


Some puppy love.. (6)

Have a nice Tuesday

- and a look at Diana Dors and her lovely friend:


Irene - who wants shoes like that - urgently!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

110 years..

One of my alltime favourite Georges would turn 110 years today!

(the other favourite would be Mr. Sanders.. followed by Mr. Chakiris and Mr. Brent... )

Yay for the wonderful George Raft!!

LOVE him.


I adore this man.

Just by the way: I am the girl he is beholding - I am giving him the most sexy squint-eyed look - way too sexy to post it here.. had to cut me out of the picture..

So here you have just another picture of Mr. Raft..

Now excuse me .. I am going to faint..

Start with a smile!

Start your new week with a smile - and maybe go out to eat something with your family...

... like Robert Montgomery and his bewitching daughter Elizabeth..

Have a great week!



Sunday, 25 September 2011

Memorable Film and TV Characters (6): Norman Bates (Psycho)

Norman in one of his quieter moments

Probably the most maladjusted young man you will ever meet. Norman Bates. As the young man who runs the Bates Motel, a run down place just off the main highway to California, Anthony Perkins is top notch in his performance. Norman is so quiet and nice, you wouldn't think he harbors a terrifying secret. Well when bank teller Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) steals money from her bank and high tails it out of town, she stops that night at The Bates Motel. She meets Norman, who tells her it's just him and his ailing mother who you sometimes hear calling for Norman to bring her something. Now for those who have never seen Psycho, I won't spoil how things turn out. Let's just say it's not pleasant.

Chatting with Marion..don't think Mother would approve

Norman is the type of guy when you first meet may seem a little odd, but is very gracious and understanding. A person who you could talk to and hng out but always say.."that Norman is a nice man, a little strange, but nice". Norman Bates is probably one of the best characters ever to grace a horror/thriller movie. And his film appearances run all the way from 1960 to 1986. Wow! So personally I guess I would talk to him in passing just to say hi, but I would definitely not spend a night at his hotel. I think I would keep on driving and find another spot.
Oh My God! Mother! What have you done?

The infamous Bates Motel

Nothing but the awful truth (1)

Hey friends and followers of And then they start to sparkle!!

Monty (who as you all know writes for this blog, too) keeps interviewing guests at his blog - and not being interviewed himself..

That's unfair, isn't it? Especially because he is a great person - and one of my best friends..

Now you'll have the chance to learn more about him and his opinions and thoughts about films and blogging about them.

Instead of doing just one short interview I am going to do a long running series here – which means: Every Sunday you’ll have the chance to meet Monty here where he will be answering some questions (at least one a post) I have thought of.

So.. Let's start right now with my first questions:

Monty, why do you blog - and why especially about films?

"Oooooohhh..good question. Well I love movies. That is my number one passion.

Ever since I was a kid, I was always watching a movie or TV. Most other kids were outside playing, I was inside watch something. Even thru my high school years I was considered a social butterfly because I didn't go to parties and such. Rather stayed home and watched movies. So when blogging came along, that was the perfect way for me to express my feelings.

During my military days I kept a notebook of reviews and stuff written about movies and I still have it to this day.

~ seems like Monty's favourite star Cary Grant believes in notebooks, too.. ~

I may start posting some of those ideas. What do you think?"

Monty, I would love to read your first ideas! I own similar notebooks - I filled them since I was teenager with thoughts about all those films I watched and stars I liked or disliked.. So I am pretty excited to find out you have some "hidden treasures".. I am sure there are some people out there who would like to read them, too..

I think it would be interesting to find out what changed during the years - your opinions and feelings towards some films and persons.. the whole "becoming Monty"-story..

"Cool..I'm glad I saved all my journals and such. They are from about 20 years ago so that will be quite different from now...well, maybe. I'll see.

Anyway blogging is cool and I've met similarly liked people such as you. Because most of my friends and co-workers don't have a clue if I starting quoting classic movies and stars. For example if I said Maggie the Cat, they would have no idea I would be talking about Elizabeth Taylor, which is just sad.

~ Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat in one of my (=Irene's) favourite films .. ~

So by blogging I came share my thoughts and feelings on my favorite love and meet other people who have the same taste as me. It's awesome."

Monty, I am sure most film bloggers have made alike experinces..

Why did you call your blogs the way you did?

"How did I name my blogs?

Ok let me start with Screwball Cinema which was kind of easy. My favorite genre being screwball comedies I was surprised no one had a blog named Screwball Cinema. So I grabbed it and used it for my own.

Hero Worship came about after a second attempt. My first was called Welcome To Risa, which is a reference to a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. But unless you're a Trek fan, you wouldn't know that. So I decided to be broad with a title and since so many people worship super heroes and movie heroes so much..I thought why not call it Hero Worship. It stuck and I'm glad I made the change. Welcome To Risa just didn't have that much of an appeal.

~ To be honest: I was about to post kind of a spoof picture - but I once made a joke about Wolverine - and I won't go through a situation like that with Monty again.. *ouch* ~

And lastly, my main blog All Good Things is in reference to the English proverb All Good Things Must Come To An End. I also know it from another Star Trek episode. I dropped the last part which was way too depressing and such and kept All Good Things..meaning all good things about classic movies and stars.

So there you go Irene..the way I came up with all my titles to my blogs. Excellent question btw."

Thank you very much, Monty!! I wouldn't have known about that Risa.. - the name "HERO WORSHIP" also seems to give you more freedom to post about things not connected to STAR TREK, doesn't it?

Glad you skipped the end of the All Good Things proverb - you have here one of the most positive blog names I saw yet..

I am going to leave the topic blogging for now - so I want to say:

Thank you for doing so much around here in blogland. I always like to visit your blogs - and I hope that you will go on with all this work you do. I really appreaciate that - and apparently many others do, too.

Please visit again for next week when Monty will answer the following question

(before I come back to his favourite genre..) :

What does Monty like most about films?

In the meantime - please visit the blogs written by Monty and talked about here:




Thank you all for listening

Yours (very well and) truly


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Some sexual tension creates fireworks in RED DUST (1932)

Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
A dynamite movie involving three screen legends: Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Mary Astor. Gable is Denny Carson, who runs a rubber plantation in Indo-China with a tight fist. Along comes Lily Vantine (Ms. Harlow) who just lights up the screen with her explosive persona. Lily explains she had to leave the states because of certain complex issues. All Denny sees is her trampish looks and the two become attached fairly quickly. But that relationship is put under pressure when Gary Willis arrives with his wife Babs (the terrific Astor) to begin work on the plantation. Denny is immediately attracted to Babs and thus a love triangle is formed. Babs husband is totally unaware of what's going on and to be fair he is under the weather with a fever when they first arrive there.
Clark Gable and Jean Harlow
Red Dust is one heck of a movie. I know some people complain of the racial overtones but this movie is set in 1932 so just keep that in mind when watching it. As far as performances go, all three leads are sensational. Gable is definetly a man's man in this one. Holding the screen with all the macho swagger he can muster. Jean Harlow is funny all the way through. She shoots out lines with rapid fire regularity. And Mary Astor brings a little class to the proceedings. And believe it or not she has one scene where she manages to out-sex Ms. Harlow. After being caught in an unexpected rainstorm, she gets soaked and is carried back to the house by Gable. In that one instant she gives off so much sexual energy, you can feel it coming off the screen. Red Dust is a solid film that delivers action, humor, passion, and some great acting.
Vantine: You can check the wings and halo at the desk.
Dennis Morgan: I'll be right up.

Look at the photos below and you can just see all that sexual chemistry flowing off the screen...

 Jean Harlow is just too sexy...

Jean Harlow is to die question about it!