Monday, 25 June 2012

"I always treat men with respect - then they treat me with respect."

Some of you might remember that I challenged myself with writing at least two film reviews a month - one of them about an European film.. Well.. Little time is left for me - since next week June will be over.. So - after I did a review of a German film MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG/PEOPLE ON SUNDAY (1930) I had to choose another film.. Frankly, I had troubles to do so.. So I asked some friends to tell me what to write about - and Monty of ALL GOOD THINGS just said: "Marilyn Monroe." Simple as that! I loved that because I had enough space to do my own decissions - this just led to me thinking about which film of hers to choose and by that still having a bit of a surprise on stock for him, too.. Yesterday morning I thought - ok, why not writing about THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOWBUSINESS (USA, 1954)? But well.. It simply didn't feel right at that moment.. But: today I found the film I will write about:


written and directed by Arthur Pierson.

Have some posters first:

In a nut-shell:

After not being re-elected ex-senator Blake Washburn (Jeffrey Lynn) returns to his little home town where he will work again as an editor for the Herald - a local news paper. Blake sees his chance to become re-elected when he starts a campaign against a near-by company which is owned by John MacFarland (Donald Crisp) - who is actually a very social man but - what a coincidence! - father of Blake's rival who won the election.. When on a school excursion Blake's little sister Katie (Melinda Plowman) is trapped in an old mine Blake has to learn that big companies also can be helpful..

~ Jeffrey Lynn, Donald Crisp and Alan Hale, jr. ~

Watch out for:

Wonderful Marjorie Reynolds as Blake's longtime fiancée and Barbara Brown - a very busy actress in small parts from 1941 to 1955.. here in this film she plays Blake's mother.

~ Marjorie Reynolds ~

And of course watch out for Alan Hale, jr. who plays a reporter and Marilyn Monroe who has a small part as Iris, a secretary. She and Alan Hale, jr. have a few scenes together which are merely dealing with him trying to flirt with her and her rejecting him. I like that she in some scenes sports a little ironical smile. Her part her is quite a severe one though..

~ Jeffrey Lynn and Alan Hale, jr. ~

  • This film happens to be a promotion film for General Motors. Please, keep that in mind when you watch it!
~ saving lives with modern equipment ~
Perfectly peachy:

Like many others not-yet-stars Marilyn Monroe had to bring her costumes by herself when it was a film set in "daily life plots". Since that you can spot her wearing one of her favourite dresses in this film 

- which she also wore in 


and in 

 ALL ABOUT EVE (1950).

Claws and Paws:

Blake presents a little beagle to his little sister Katie when he returns home - and what a cute dog that is! There is a special charme about Beagles - and yes, when this little fella gets burried in the mine together with Katie I am a tiny bit more worried about him..

Let's face the music..

The score was written by Louis Forbes who was e.g.  assistant musical director for GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) and music associate for REBECCA (1940)..

A rose by any other name..:

This film is also known as HEADLINE STORY

What ever happened to... 

...Melinda Plowman

She was born in Abilene, Texas on May 13, 1941 and until 1968 she would act in several TV shows - mostly in small parts though. Her first appearance she had in LITTLE WOMEN (1949) as one of the children of the Hummel family.. She would also play in another of Marilyn Monroe's early films:  MONKEY BUSINESS (1952).
The last film she did was BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA (1966) - and I confess I would love to watch that film - just because of that title!
Since Melinda Plowman was a young woman when she quitted acting in front of cameras I would guess that she married and lived happily ever after - or maybe she found something else that filled her life. Anyway: I hope she is happy.

My favourite scenes of hers is when she brings a list of names of her classmates (of whom she collected 10 cents each) to have their names printed in the news paper.. (after she is questioned about she tells she is going to give it to the Red Cross..)

~ Melinda Plowman in an episode of PERRY MASON in 1962 ~

Quotes corner:

"People really believe what they read." 

This is what Blake's uncle Cliff (Griff Barnett) tells him when Blake takes over the news paper. Cliff tells Blake also that this old joke of "All I know is what I read in the papers." is actually the truth. It means nothing less but that the written word has to be used carefully - and in my opinion at least as much has the spoken word.

When it comes to the dialogues I think Alan Hale, jr. has the best lines - he is kind of a comic relief here and I happen to like the little scenes between him and Marilyn Monroe very much - besides she does a great example of how to turn a man down like a lady.. The quote which became the title of this post is actually spoken by Miss Monroe in this film - towards Mr. Hale.

Have a look:

Here is the whole film.. there are several versions on youtube - but I think this one has the best quality..

When I first watched this film I have to confess, I was very disappointed. Mainly because I was not aware that it was a promotion film - and I also expected much more scenes and maybe a more "giggling" part of Marilyn Monroe. I learned to like that film which is not as bad as one might think. Well.. on the other hand: Why believe me when you know that I love Alan Hale jr.'s laughter as much as I love the one of his father, that I adore Donald Crisp and that Marilyn Monroe is one of my heroines.. Yes, I am biased. I do want to like it. And though it might be none of my favourite films ever nor one of my favourite Marilyn Monroe films - I will never trash my DVD of it. (even though its quality is poor - which is apparently based in the fact the copyrights were not renewed - so this film is by now public domain..).

This are 61 minutes of film which at least could teach two things: never be biased - no matter if you try to be the editor of a news paper nor when you watch a film just because of a person who just was in the start of her/his career.. and: be careful with things you write or say - there might be people out there who believe it..

Thank you very much for listening!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fresh from Cinema.. ..W.E.

So - I just returned home from cinema where I watched

W.E. (USA, 2011) by Madonna.

In a nut-shell:

New York, 1998: The estate of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor is about to be auctionated. Since they caused a great scandal in 1930's when King Edward VIII. forgo the throne of Great Britain to live with the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson.

Especially Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish) is fascinated by their love story - no wonder since she is named after Wallis Simpson. Wally's husband William (Richard Coyle) - a very successful psychiatrist with almost no time for his wife - has absolutely no understanding for her - neither for her wish to have a child.

While Wally is spending more and more time at Sotheby's where Russian security man Evgeni (Oscar Isaac) finds great interest in her - we will parallel see some scenes of the romance of Edward (James D'Arcy) and Wallis (Andrea Riseborough). By that we actually watch two love stories - and two women struggling with their lifes - and changing them.

~ Wally meets Wallis - yes.. Wally sees Wallis now and then.. ~

Where from could one know...

... Abbie Cornish? - She was in BRIGHT STAR (UK/AUSTRALIA/FRANCE, 2009) and in SUCKER PUNCH (USA/CANADA, 2011)

... Richard Coyle? - He might be best known as Jeff from UK Telly show COUPLING (2000-2002)

... James D'Arcy? - Maybe you also know him from an UK Telly show - he was in SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL (2010)

... Oscar Isaac? He was also in SUCKER PUNCH (2011).. - and just by the way: Apparently he has not at all connections to Russia..

... Andrea Riseborough? She was in two of my favourite recent films: HAPPY-GO-LUCKY (UK, 2008) and MADE IN DAGENHAM (UK, 2010) - and yes.. I happen to like her very, very much..

If you happen to like...

... costumes and styles of 1930's - but not only then...

... the romance of Wallis and Edward...

... films set in several times and decades - not necessarily in the chronological order...

... one actress I grow fonder and fonder of: Andrea Riseborough...

... James Fox and his son Laurence Fox playing the parts of father and son also ON screen as King George V. and Prince Albert/ King George VI. ...

... several dogs in bit parts...

... you might give this film a try.

~ quite a lot dogs in this films..
actually Wallis and Edward a due for a Dogs Tuesday on this blog. ~

Again the most awful parts first: Under no circumstances I can pardon any person kicking a pregnant woman into the stomach - no matter if she is your wife and you are hungry or not. Yes - that's actually one of the first scenes of Wallis Simpson - and the cause for her loosing her unborn child and apparently afterwards not being able to give birth anymore. Speaking of that: kicking any person in the stomach is unbearably.

~ Evgeni (Oscar Isaac) and Wally (Abbie Cornish) - start of a romance.. ~

To be honest I could have lived without the part set in 1998. It is nice and really nothing which would keep me off from liking this film - but I really am more interested into the story of Wallis and Edward.. That Wally and Evgeni also had the same initials as Wallis and Edward I found a bit too much of a coincidence. Nevertheless: I liked this 1998 - but I would not have missed it when it wasn't there..

~ William (Richard Coyle) not at all talking to his wife.. ~
I was highly impressed by Richard Coyle - who is really a versatile actor which he showed several times before but does here again - his character in this film is really not very likeable in the end. And I am as much enthusiastic about the performance of Andrea Riseborough - though you by now have noticed that I might be a bit prejudiced when it comes to her.. 

Also I was very pleased to see Laurence Fox as the stuttering Prince "Bertie". I like him a lot - and he did quite a good job in this part which by now might be in several heads the part of Colin Firth. Laurence Fox and James D'Arcy really made a great couple of brothers in this film. I think it would do a great double feature night togehter with THE KING'S SPEECH (UK, 2010) - and maybe one could later on add THE QUEEN (UK/France/Italy, 2006)..

~ The real Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. ~

As a matter of fact: in one of the last scenes I became a bit teary eyed: In 1972 Wallis - by then an elderly lady - dances for Edward who by then is bedridden - it's not too long before his death.. The film does not make clear where Edward and Wallis actually stood politically and their connection to Nazi-Germany are just kind of a side note - but after all this film deals more with their relationship. I also would have loved to learn more about Wallis' second husband Ernest (David Habour) who was so kind to let her go. 

~ Ernest - in an awful situation as his beloved wife turns towards another man
- who is no one else but the crown prince..  ~
For sure it shows that trough such a situation no one can go with an eternal smile - and maybe this film might help to form a new and less partial view of Wallis Simpson as a person. I don't think that she was the icy lady who caught herself a king and went over death bodies and a starving nation to do so - all with a malicious little smile.. but I am also sure it was no real fairytale either..

The costumes are exquisit - and as far as I could see on first sight very true to the decade - even the nail polish is done in a 1930's manner.. 
When it comes to the score purists might be a bit put off when in 1930's Wallis dances to some music which to me sounded very much like the Sex Pistols.. - but that was just this scene - and I think it worked since in the 1930's music we find utterly old-fashioned these days was just all the rage and partly very provoking at those times.. 

Have a look:

If you are willing to watch a film which feels like paging through an issue of Vogue magazine with a large part of a vintage Vogue like pages - you maybe should consider to spent 119 minutes of your life watching this really gorgeous looking film.

~ this is one of the film stills by Anthony Suoza.. ~ 

Thank you very much for listening


Friday, 22 June 2012

L'amour - l'amour.. ..Clara and Cosmo Topper

In case you are one of my facebook friends you will be aware that I did kind of a "Topper-thon" the last few days watching all three TOPPER films: TOPPER (1937), TOPPER TAKES A TRIP (1938) and TOPPER RETURNS (1941).

For those who do not know the films - it is merely about Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) who is a bank director and whose very low-key life is troubled by ghosts: 

In the first film TOPPER (1937) it's Constance Bennett (one of my favourite actresses) and Cary Grant as Marion and George Kerby - a recently passed away couple - who try to add a little more excitement to Cosmo Topper's life. (This one is my least favourite of the three films to be honest..)

In the second film TOPPER TAKES A TRIP (1938) Marion (Constance Bennett) returns to help Cosmo Topper to save his marriage since his wife Clara (my beloved Billie Burke) is filing for divorce and courted by playboy Alexander D'Arcy (another one I like very much..). In this one as in the first film Alan Mowbray is the faithful butler to Cosmo and Clara Topper.. Also this film has an adorable ghost dog - who is played by no other than Asta of THIN MEN fame.. 

The third film TOPPER RETURNS (1941) has Topper mixed up with the murder of a young lady (one of my alltime favourites: Joan Blondell) he just met and who returns as a ghost to solve the crime - of course together with Cosmo Topper.. An amazing cast in this film.. It has e.g. George Zucco, Carole Landis and Patsy Kelly!! (yes, some actors who I adore..) In this film the great Eddie Anderson is the chauffeur to the Toppers.. and H.B. Warner is in it, too.. 

I used to say that I love the third film the most - but after re-watching I really cannot tell which of the last two films I like more - I simply love them both..

So - now that you know about the TOPPER films - who is my beloved couple??

It is of course:

Clara (Billie Burke) and Cosmo Topper (Roland Young)

They do not have a starting romance since they are married for about twenty years - but I do love this couple who has of course some troubles - mainly caused by Clara's obedience to her women's club and the first ladies of the town (through the films there are among others e.g. Hedda Hopper and Verree Teasdale..) and Cosmo's frequent trouble with ghosts.. 

Clara is kind of naïve  - and of course Billie Burke could play a part like that like no one other could - but she is also sweet-natured and she loves her husband Cosmo with all her heart - though her heart would prefer if her husband wasn't acting so strangely..

~oh.. shush! Don't tell his wife what you just saw! ~
Clara would love to have a perfect marriage with a high prestige - while Cosmo just want to have a calm and peaceful, happy live - which is of course a bit hard to manage when frequently ghosts are either trying to help you or are needing your help.. 

And though he has a soft spot for Marion Kerby (Constance Bennett - and who could blame him for that?) he always stays true to his wife. I really appreciate that - though I actually will not judge couples who can not manage to have such a "long breath".. I think most important is respect for each other - no matter if you are staying together for twenty days or twenty years - and I also think this does not only apply for love attachments but for every relation ship - I might say for every aspect in life. 

Clara and Cosmo might not be perfect in this - but they are at least trying their best. And that's all one can ask for - isn't it?

~ Eddie Anderson, Roland Young and Billie Burke ~

Of course it is nice to follow a young couple in films finding their love - but I for one enjoy seeing a couple which is devoted to each other over two decades. And: who would match as fine as Billie Burke and Roland Young do? Truth is that I watch the first film merely because of their scenes together.

~  Publicity still with Joan Blondell, Roland Young, Carole Landis, Billie Burke
- or: four actors I really adore! ~

Thank you all for listening! 

And in case you have found love: try to keep hold of it!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Up to the Screen - The Night Circus

Before you start wondering - the film isn't made yet. But since I just read the book - I decided that I could write about it just as well right now..

THE NIGHT CIRCUS (2011) by Erin Morgenstern

In a nut-shell:

1873-1902: Celia and Marco are fighting in a magical duel - set in the mysterious Cirque de Rêves (=Circus of Dreams). It's a circus completely in Black and White which opens only at night. The combatants  fight by "designing" magical contents for the several tents - like a garden made of ice or a tree with countless candles which shall fulfill wishes.. What they do not know: Only one of them can survive this duel - but there is a tiny problem: they fall in love with each other..

~ German cover - same titel.. just German.. ~

To be honest: I am no fan of circus - mostly because of those horrible animal acts - and because of the clowns.. When I was a little girl I befriended a girl from the circus and whenever I visited her at home I saw things that really disturbed me.. Still I did like this Night Circus.. The ideas for the tents were really nice. And I am for sure looking forward for the film which shall be released in 2013 because I can imagine that this will look very spectacular on the big screen.. 

~ The Dutch cover.. - looks like Magritte did work on that one.. ~ 

Frankly I had troubles with the book - the story is jumping from 1891 to 1902 to 1901 and back and forth and you really need some concentration for that. I thought it was a pity that there wasn't too much to be noticed of the historical background - this book could have been taken place at each and every time.. Well.. That could also be a plus - couldn't it? It's just that I love historical settings.. 

Besides it wasn't very exciting at all - the duel was really unspectacular.. After the first half I got the feeling the book was growing thicker while I read it - also a sort of magic I think and by that very fitting to the novel's theme.. There was one little sex scene which appeared quite kitschy to me - but all of that may be based in the fact that I read the German translation.. Actually I am thinking about just reading books in their original language - for I fear that so much is getting lost by translation.. So many books that were that beloved lately in USA just did not work for me.. and left me with this "uhm.. ok.. what is all the fuss about??"

~ The Slovakian cover.. ~
After I read THE NIGHT CIRCUS I almost immediately had the feeling I forgot most of the plot.. Still: In case Ms. Morgenstern writes another book I will read it - because though this review might sound a bit negative I do not at all have the feeling this book ruined my life or something - I think it really was ok. Besides: I love the name Morgenstern (which is the German word for "morning star" - and one of my favourite words in my language.. yes.. I have those..) - and I think I would love to see this face more often:

~ Don't you think this author looks enchanting??
- source:  ~

Have a look: 

(Yes.. actually a trailer for a book.. - and a beautiful trailer, too..)


About the film which is yet to come: 

I could imagine the scenes in the circus might look a bit like the black and white ball in AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951):

Or maybe (I do not know whether you are familiar with those..) the films by German artist Lotte Reiniger.. (about her I will post more soon.. - yes.. you got me.. I am advertising my blog posts..): 

And for sure I would like the film to have a little "Tim-Burton-esque" feeling.. 

Thank you very much for listening!


Monday, 11 June 2012

Let's start with a smile - for Monty!

A new week started today.. and we should beginn it with a smile..

I was thinking a lot of my friend Monty - who went through a little "throat procedure".. He was not very worried about it - but believe me: I was and still am - though he told me already that everything went quite well.. still..


Monty adores Cary Grant - so this is for Monty:

a picture of his favourite star taken in 1963 by Bert Stern..

Have a hug, my friend! Get well soon!

And to all of us: A wonderful week in good health!


Sunday, 10 June 2012

"4 Million [people] waiting for next Sunday."

~ Here we go - my first entry for Monty's
 2012 Cinematic World Tour Blogathon.. ~

Frankly I feel like it is my duty to talk a little bit about the country I grew up in since there are not so many German bloggers talking about classic films in English.. Besides that I think Germany isn't quite the country most bloggers who take part in this blogathon will talk about or would think of as a country to visit.. So I saw a little gap that I could fill.. Maybe.. I will for sure talk about some films set in other countries, too.. But let's start with the film most international classic film fans will think of when the words "German film" and "vacation" a mentioned:

(Weimar Republic, 1930)
by Curt Siodmak, Robert Siodmak, Edgar G. Ulmer, Fred Zinnemann and Rochus Gliese - written also by Billy Wilder!! (Now that's quite a Hollywood-list, isn't it?)

Before I start to tell you what this film is about you have to know that this film is no usual film for it is really made without professional actors. It has "just" people acting as themselves - no actors acting in characters. It is a mixture of a narrative classic film telling you a story and a documentation. In fact it is one of the first independent films - if I may say so.. Very low budget was used - which was reportedly from the savings of the directors..

It is also one of the last German silent films - but don't be afraid: It has very little captions - so there is not too much to read - in case that would be your main problem with this film..

~ Stars who were no stars.. ~

In a nut-shell:

Berlin, Germany: On a Saturday jack-of-all-trades Wolfgang (Wolfgang von Waltershausen) meets film-extra Christl (Christina "Christl" Ehlers) and after they drink a coffee together they decide to meet again on the next day - Sunday..

~ Wolfgang und Christl in a little café.. ~

Meanwhile taxi driver Erwin (Erwin Splettstößer) has a little fight with his girlfriend - Annie (Annie Schreyer) who is working as a model - ending with them snatching off star postcards of their wall.. (including several Greta Garbo pictures of whom apparently esp. Erwin is fond and at least one picture of German film star Willy Fritsch - apparently Annie's crush.. - and yes - though they are not married they share the same flat - and bed..) The little dispute ends as Wolfgang appears and he and Erwin start to play cards instead..

~ shirty Erwin - also: Greta Garbo and Willy Fritsch.. ~

Sunday - the next day: Erwin, Wolfgang and Christl spent the day at Nikolassee - a lake in Berlin-Nikolassee - together with Christl's best friend Brigitte (Brigitte Borchert), a salesgirl in a record shop.  They will go for a swim, eat, listen to music and go for a walk..

~ a little picnic.. ~

After Christl refuses Wolfgang's advances he turns to Brigitte - who is much more of an easier prey for him - they will spent some apparently very, very, VERY intimate time under a tree while Erwin is asleep and Christl is sulking..

~ Wolfgang and Brigitte getting to know each other.. ~

After this little encounter all four of them spent some time in a pedalo on the lake - where Wolfgang and Erwin become interested into two other girls in another boat - much to the chagrin of Christl and Brigitte.

~ Christl and Brigitte - learning a lesson - and not amused about it.. ~

Finally they return to Berlin and Brigitte hopes for another Sunday with Wolfgang - who agrees towards her on that - but as we will learn rather will go with Erwin to a soccer game (I bet right now there are several German ladies living trough exactly that scenario since these days the European Championship is on..)

 Annie has overslept the whole day..

~ Sleepy Sunday for Annie.. ~
A new week is starting the next morning.. It's Monday again in Berlin..

Please, watch out for:

Kurt Gerron, Ernö Verebes, Heinrich Gretler and Valeska Gert.

~ Kurt Gerron ~
To be honest: I only noticed Valeska Gert.. I am ashamed of myself.. Especially since Kurt Gerron is one of my favourites.. He will receive a post of his own on this blog for sure.. He was not only an actor - you might know him from THE BLUE ANGEL with Marlene Dietrich - but also a great director. He was killed in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944..

~ Dancer Valeska Gert in her short appearance in PEOPLE ON SUNDAY ~


  • There is no full copy of this film saved since the original version was lost. So the remaining film is about 74 minutes long.
  • PEOPLE ON SUNDAY was merely filmed on Sundays in summer of 1929 due to the fact that all leading "actors" were working in their business for the rest of the week.
  • The film was made after a report Curt Siodmak wrote. At this time his name was written "Kurt".. Billy Wilder wrote the script after this report.
  • It was the first time that Curt and Robert Siodmak, Edgar G. Ulmer and Fred Zinnemann worked as directors. How amazing is it to have those plus Billy Wilder together in one film??
  • For Rochus Gliese it was his second to last work as a director.
  • Cinematographer Eugan Schüfftan also worked on EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1960) (<- you can read my review on this film here..)

~ Brigitte playing records.. ~

Let's face the music..

There is a new score by Elena Kats-Chernin with Czech Film Orchestra - I like that score - though some parts I find rather irritating - especially when they contain singing voices.. There is also an alternate soundtrack by Steven Garling which is a soundtrack completely made of percussion sounds. I find also that one a bit challenging.. Steven Garling himself was an expert when it came to Silent movies. He did not only work with those but also intoned Bible passages since he was a believing Christ. He died in 2008 at the age of 39 years due to cancer.

~ Brigitte at work - re-arranging the shop windows. ~

The record Brigitte selled 150times "IN EINER KLEINEN KONDITOREI" (= "In a Small Café/Pastry Shop") - is a lovely little tango by Fred Raymond. Of this tango of course excists also a spoof version.. (which I loved as a child and was often spotted singing out loud and with absolutely no mentioning of staying true to the melody or other distracting things.. it was unlike the original less the description of a romance than the narration of a dine and dash scene.. Frankly I still love to "sing" it - or at least whistle it.. Have here a version by Luigi Bernauer..

What ever happened to...

... Erwin Splettstößer?

He appeared in two other films directed by Robert Siodmak: ABSCHIED (FAREWELL) (1930) and VORUNTERSUCHUNG (INQUEST) (1931). 


... Brigitte Borchert (November 15, 1910 - August 7, 2011)?

PEOPLE ON SUNDAY was the only part she would play for a film - she did appear though in a documentation about this film in 2000. She married illustrator Wilhelm M. Busch in 1936.
~ Pen drawing by Wilhelm M. Busch ~
Last year when she died with almost 101 years of age several newspapers here wrote about her and commemmorated PEOPLE ON SUNDAY


...Wolfgang von Waltershausen (1900-1973)? 

He appeared also in two other films: EIN BURSCHENLIED AUS HEIDELBERG (1930) by Karl Hartl and in DER MANN, DER SEINEN MÖRDER SUCHT (LOOKING FOR HIS MURDERER) (1931) by Robert Siodmak. Both films were also written by Billy Wilder.. Sidenote: LOOKING FOR HIS MURDERER is due for a review here on this blog, too.. 


... Christina "Christl" Ehlers (March 10, 1911 - February 2, 1960)?

She left Germany in 1933 with her father Alfred Ehlers (a well-known artist and architect) who tried to help as many Jewish people (including his family) as possible to escape from Nazi Germany. First they went to Spain but when Civil war broke out there Christl Ehlers, her father and her four year old son left for Great Britain. Later Christl would follow her mother - famous harpsichordist Alice Ehlers who already lived in Los Angeles. Alice Ehlers was a friend of Albert Schweitzer and they used to write several letters.. She also appears in WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939)... Christl Ehlers appeared besides PEOPLE ON SUNDAY only in ESCAPE (1940) by Mervyn LeRoy in a small part as a student. In 1947 she married Hampden Wentworth and they would have four other children. In 1960 they both died due to a plane crash in New Mexico leaving behind their children - and Christl's by that time of course grown-up son..

... Annie Schreyer ?

Yes.. embarrassing.. but I couldn't find information about her.. 

Cinematic World Tour Blogathon:

I chose this film because I think people everywhere on this world can relate to it. Most of us will go on a little trip when we have a day off - and it doesn't have to be a travel around the world.. And for we never traveld too much when I was a child I can relate to this little Sunday trip to a near by lake very much..

~ Christl and Brigitte ~

On Germany and German customs

As far as I can tell: In this country soccer isn't just a sport - it's a religion. You don't make fun of it. (Trust me - I tried.. Grave mistake..) Frankly, I am not very interested in this sport - but I will get every info of it - since every information magazine in telly will talk about it - and my neighbour is shouting at "his boys" (no matter if it's "just" his home team or the national team like yesterday..) while they're in a game - apparently they won yesterday since my neighbour after that excersised his conjugal rights quite noisy.. - in case they would have lost there would just have been a certain tapping sound against my walls.. (Gosh.. I am soo wishing for thicker walls around here..)

~ ... ~
Another quite strange German custom you can see in this film celebrated by a group of young men (around 36:16 in the clip below): They spank each other. It is an old custom and I think not that much celebrated these days - aside from special occasions.. There are several rules and different ways to "play" it - but I think this certain game they play here is: some guy is spanking another - and the one who got spanked has to guess who spanked him.. yes.. yes.. the days before World of Warcraft..

Have a look:

Again - there are not so many captions - and those which are there are translated into English.. Besides with 74 minutes it's not a very long film.. (just saying..)

Brigitte Borchert once stated that though the critics were enthusiastic about this film most "ordinary" people she spoke to were not.. They went to cinema to see a more glamourous life - not their everyday life. To see how four (resp. five) young people spent their Sunday they would not have to go to the pictures for.. They were for sure right about that - still the film was a hit. 

For me (and as I think also for many other admirers of this film) especially the scenes showing daily Berlin life in that era are the basic for this film's charme. Berlin is one of my favourite cities - and I would love to live there once.. There are few (maybe none) places in this world I feel that much at home like I do in Berlin..

~ this looks so much like the summers we spent as children on the countryside here.. ~

Besides that as I stated before it also has much relation to how I spent my summers as a child and teenager.. Just by the way there are a lot of children in this film - and sometimes one wonders what became of them.. I love all those scenes showing ordinary people and their everyday life. Yes, I love the realism of PEOPLE ON SUNDAY. It is the complete alternative draft to Hollywood's star cult - hands down: of course there was also a star cult in German cinema - and here we had (and still have) stars, too.. But it wasn't that industrialised.. (not that they didn't try..)   

About the "triangle":

~ While Christl is sleeping on his one hand.. ~

~ ... Wolfgang's other hand is handling.. uhm.. someone else.. ~

I think it's quite interesting to see Wolfgang hunting for skirts.. - or.. well.. what's under them.. I don't think he is a character I like.. But he really appears realistic to me - so do the others. None of them seems to act in a set up way - though of course there was a script.  This film also has a humour I enjoy - the scene in which Brigitte and Wolfgang will get some.. uhm.. "action" ... - the camera turns slowly away along some trees - and will end at the sight of a rubbish heap to turn back to the couple - who by now re-arrange their clothes.. (Notice that Wolfgang's shirt is tattered now and Brigitte has to fix her gaters..)  

Besides: some of the scenes in this film have a certain poetry in it..

Though this film shows apparently bygone times - it shows you very much where I come from - since for me when you change the dresses and add a better dental care it shows you how Summer did look and still looks to me..

Thank you for listening

Bon Voyage - and...

...Remember: Safety first!