Wednesday, 7 September 2011

"All the other fishermen will be wearing pants."

A lot of rain here lately.. well Summer is almost gone I guess..

In today's film it's raining, too:

~ that's exactly what happens when I decide to go out camping: It pours! ~

Once upon a time...

...Howard Hawks made a film which was named BRINGING UP BABY (1938) - remember that one? A guy named Cary Grant, a gal named Katharine Hepburn and a lovely leopard called "Baby".. - years later in 1964 his homage to that film was released:

Easy, hm? Yes, it is MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT? ...

In a nutshell:

Roger Willoughby (Rock Hudson), engaged to beautiful Tex Connors (red-haired Charlene Holt), is a very successful seller for fishing items - he also wrote a popular book about fishing. Now his boss Mr. Cadwalader (John McGiver - doing just wonderful things with his toupee..) wants him to do some promotion and attend a fishing tournament set at a nearby Lake at the lodges of Isolde “Easy” Mueller’s (blonde Maria Perschy) father. Also attending the tournament are Roger’s customers Skaggs (Forrest Lewis) and Major Phipps (Roscoe Karns) – who are avid to compare their skills with Roger’s.

Easy’s happy-go-lucky friend Abigail Page (brunette Paula Prentiss) – who in Roger’s opinion is way too pushy – is to take care of him – much to his dislike. And while she considers him attractive he simply is overran by her..

Plus: Roger has a dark and treasured secret: In his whole life he didn’t catch a single fish…

~ another confession to make: I am not so good with 60s hats.. - I think to this one you should also carry a horse.. ~

Watch out for:

  • Norman Alden as John Screaming Eagle – frequently telling about "Big Chief Confucius" - making fun of tourist's prejudices.. In AC Delco commercials he played a mechanic – people used to turn up to him to ask for advice because they believed he wasn’t acting.

A nodding acquaintance:

  • Charlene Holt’s best know role might be Maudie from EL DORADO (1966). She was Miss Maryland in 1956.

~ Rock Hudson caught up in a sleeping bag , Maria Perschy giving him a hand - and Charlene Holt waiting to give him another.. ~


  • The part of Roger Willoughby was meant to be performed by Cary Grant – but he felt that the distance of age between his being 59 and Paula Prentiss being 24 was too big.

  • Howard Hawks also wanted Katharine Hepburn for the female lead..

~ Oh - I wish for a copy of that nightgown Miss Perschy wears here - but in another color, please.. ~

Not sooo far away from Hollywood:

  • The German title is EIN GOLDFISCH AN DER LEINE (= A goldfish on the string/fishing rod)

  • In the German version Miss "Mueller" (though it is obviously a German name..) is changed into "Miller". Maybe that’s so because her accent doesn’t work in the German version - there she speaks French if needed..

~ a really talented girl Miss Perschy is.. ~
  • Maria Perschy did her own dubbing for the German version - she has (just by the way) an Austrian accent.

  • The nickname “Easy” seems (for me) to arise from the affectionate form of Isolde: “Isi” – which would be pronounced like “easy” – well, she also seems to be the easiest girl-character in this film – really a nice girl.

~ Roger trying to tell Abby and Easy that their shirts aren't that "visible" anymore.. ~

Let’s face the music..

  • The theme song MAN’S FAVOURITE SPORT was composed by Henry Mancini – the lyrics are by Johnny Mercer.

~ Mr. Hudson impersonating the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON ~

You should watch this film if you…

  • … are a fan of fishing..

  • … would like to know how it is to watch a Doris Day/ Rock Hudson film – without Doris Day..

  • … all your life wished for hearing Rock Hudson say “itty bitty bird” ..

  • … like “domineering females” like Roger Willoughby calls them..

  • … always dreamt of seeing that Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn walk out of the night club scene of BRINGING UP BABY – redone by Maria Perschy and Rock Hudson...

...on the other hand – you can do that right now:

Buttons and Bows:

  • The costumes were designed by Edith Head – which means: They're great. I love the simple black dress Maria Perschy wears in that scene...

~ I really like Paula Prentiss' hairstyle here. And there's Rock Hudson - doing a James Dean pose..~

Quotes corner:

That girl is a walking disaster.

That girl meant in this sentence is Paula Prentiss' character Abigail - and I must confess that there are times where I just am annoyed by that woman (Abigail - I like Paula Prentiss..) I had tough times with Rock Hudson, too - just because I can't stand his German voice.. So I needed some time to like that film - and there are moments in which I am still feeling unconfortable with it.. But when I am in the right mood (and thanks to DVD I can watch the original version anytime I want to..) I really enjoy this movie.

“Come on, Napoleon – this way to Waterloo.”

~ the closest to a bikini we get in this film.. ~

Have a (kind of blurry) look :

If you like nicely done slapstick: this is your film - have another (better quality) look at that - please notice that this is one of the weaker scenes.. :

I am no big fan of fishing – but the fishing scenes in this movie are just hilarious. I just don’t know which fisherman is funnier – Rock Hudson in this flick or William Powell in LIBELED LADY (<- read my post about that film – if you like to..)

Rock Hudson is doing a real good job in this film - the whole cast is an awesome bunch of people - but he is the one who does this film..

~ Another gill-man snapshot of Rock Hudson ~

Thank you very much for listening.

Yours (very well and) truly

Irene - who thinks about taking a bath right now - after seeing all this people getting wet..


  1. OK I have to see this film ASAP. Terrific post Irene. You had me when I saw the poster and Paula was making that facial expression while playing with Rock's ear. And then the pic of her messy but lovely hairstyle and then the video clip. I will add this to my must see list since it has your seal of approval.

  2. I think it could be exactly the kind of film you like, Monty..

    Her hairstyle is awesome, isn't it? Love it.

    Hope you'll enjoy this film!

  3. I really enjoyed this post! You have a lot of great trivia. It's not one of my favorite Rock Hudson movies but still a really cute film.


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