Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Some puppy love.. (5)

Tuesday again - time to share some love for dogs..

I think it's great of all you who live with dogs to go out with them - no matter what the weatherman says - like Frederic March does here:




  1. Aw, I love this post, Irene! As you know, I'm in major doggie love with my Loki..smile...they do tend to steal your heart! xoxox

  2. Wonderful picture. I just got back from my 2 mile walk with my furry friend.

  3. Nice..I have walked my two dogs in some rain as well.

  4. Hey, Rapunzel: All my best to Loki! Hope you'll like all the other pictures of this series which are about to be posted..

    Dawn: that's good timing, hm? 2 miles sounds like you had some time together outside - I am sure Winslow enjoys that very much!

    Monty: So your thought was: Been there.. hm? That's cool - and I think Lucy and Molly will apreciate every minute you'll spend with them - no matter what weather..


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