Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Marilyn Monroe - postponed

Yes.. sorry to say this.. when it comes to Marilyn Monroe I have a head full of ideas - but none is good enough to be posted.. I don't want to do another list of which films I like most or stuff like that.. and since I cannot come up with something good enough I am going to postpone the final post for this mini series..

Besides I am full of ideas what I want to do instead.. and limiting myself to do a certain number of posts makes me stubborn.. it is really horrible if you start rebelling against yourself.. Well.. I will send myself to bed quite early then.. (and NO DESSERT, YOUNG LADY!!)

So.. I just share some of my favourite Marilyn Monroe pictures from the filming of THE MISFITS with you:

Arthur Miller and Marilyn having a picnic:

with a little friend:

just gorgeous:

with husband Arthur Miller again:

with a little lady fan:

having fun with the guys:

still having fun with the guys:

and my absolute favourite shows her and Montgomery Clift:

~ isn't that just gorgeous?? I love the light here.. ~

I will do something else on this blog soon..  Something which  I like to write - and as I hope you like to read and see...

Thank you for still following this blog.. and: confess! You would be bored to death if I wasn't frequently changing my mind and changing this blog.. 

Thank you all!!