Monday, 26 September 2011

110 years..

One of my alltime favourite Georges would turn 110 years today!

(the other favourite would be Mr. Sanders.. followed by Mr. Chakiris and Mr. Brent... )

Yay for the wonderful George Raft!!

LOVE him.


I adore this man.

Just by the way: I am the girl he is beholding - I am giving him the most sexy squint-eyed look - way too sexy to post it here.. had to cut me out of the picture..

So here you have just another picture of Mr. Raft..

Now excuse me .. I am going to faint..


  1. Well, that is exactly how I feel about Bill Holden...faint, swoon, drool, whatever!

    I like George Raft too. Though he's not on my top 15 list, he'd probably be in my top 25. I like nearly every movie of his that I've seen...and wouldn't you know it, he does one with my man Holden...have you seen that one? Invisible Stripes. They are brothers in that one.

    Okay, go catch your breath now.

  2. Hang on... I will get the Smelling Salts. :)

  3. Happy birthday, George! One of my favorites. Oh so handsome, and he makes me swoon too. So does William Holden. :-D

  4. Patti: Sure! I know that one.. ;")

    Dawn: Thank you! You're the best!

    DKoren: I see.. Seems like I have to post some Holden pics soon..


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