Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nothing but the awful truth (1)

Hey friends and followers of And then they start to sparkle!!

Monty (who as you all know writes for this blog, too) keeps interviewing guests at his blog - and not being interviewed himself..

That's unfair, isn't it? Especially because he is a great person - and one of my best friends..

Now you'll have the chance to learn more about him and his opinions and thoughts about films and blogging about them.

Instead of doing just one short interview I am going to do a long running series here – which means: Every Sunday you’ll have the chance to meet Monty here where he will be answering some questions (at least one a post) I have thought of.

So.. Let's start right now with my first questions:

Monty, why do you blog - and why especially about films?

"Oooooohhh..good question. Well I love movies. That is my number one passion.

Ever since I was a kid, I was always watching a movie or TV. Most other kids were outside playing, I was inside watch something. Even thru my high school years I was considered a social butterfly because I didn't go to parties and such. Rather stayed home and watched movies. So when blogging came along, that was the perfect way for me to express my feelings.

During my military days I kept a notebook of reviews and stuff written about movies and I still have it to this day.

~ seems like Monty's favourite star Cary Grant believes in notebooks, too.. ~

I may start posting some of those ideas. What do you think?"

Monty, I would love to read your first ideas! I own similar notebooks - I filled them since I was teenager with thoughts about all those films I watched and stars I liked or disliked.. So I am pretty excited to find out you have some "hidden treasures".. I am sure there are some people out there who would like to read them, too..

I think it would be interesting to find out what changed during the years - your opinions and feelings towards some films and persons.. the whole "becoming Monty"-story..

"Cool..I'm glad I saved all my journals and such. They are from about 20 years ago so that will be quite different from now...well, maybe. I'll see.

Anyway blogging is cool and I've met similarly liked people such as you. Because most of my friends and co-workers don't have a clue if I starting quoting classic movies and stars. For example if I said Maggie the Cat, they would have no idea I would be talking about Elizabeth Taylor, which is just sad.

~ Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat in one of my (=Irene's) favourite films .. ~

So by blogging I came share my thoughts and feelings on my favorite love and meet other people who have the same taste as me. It's awesome."

Monty, I am sure most film bloggers have made alike experinces..

Why did you call your blogs the way you did?

"How did I name my blogs?

Ok let me start with Screwball Cinema which was kind of easy. My favorite genre being screwball comedies I was surprised no one had a blog named Screwball Cinema. So I grabbed it and used it for my own.

Hero Worship came about after a second attempt. My first was called Welcome To Risa, which is a reference to a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. But unless you're a Trek fan, you wouldn't know that. So I decided to be broad with a title and since so many people worship super heroes and movie heroes so much..I thought why not call it Hero Worship. It stuck and I'm glad I made the change. Welcome To Risa just didn't have that much of an appeal.

~ To be honest: I was about to post kind of a spoof picture - but I once made a joke about Wolverine - and I won't go through a situation like that with Monty again.. *ouch* ~

And lastly, my main blog All Good Things is in reference to the English proverb All Good Things Must Come To An End. I also know it from another Star Trek episode. I dropped the last part which was way too depressing and such and kept All Good Things..meaning all good things about classic movies and stars.

So there you go Irene..the way I came up with all my titles to my blogs. Excellent question btw."

Thank you very much, Monty!! I wouldn't have known about that Risa.. - the name "HERO WORSHIP" also seems to give you more freedom to post about things not connected to STAR TREK, doesn't it?

Glad you skipped the end of the All Good Things proverb - you have here one of the most positive blog names I saw yet..

I am going to leave the topic blogging for now - so I want to say:

Thank you for doing so much around here in blogland. I always like to visit your blogs - and I hope that you will go on with all this work you do. I really appreaciate that - and apparently many others do, too.

Please visit again for next week when Monty will answer the following question

(before I come back to his favourite genre..) :

What does Monty like most about films?

In the meantime - please visit the blogs written by Monty and talked about here:




Thank you all for listening

Yours (very well and) truly



  1. How cool! I guess it's about time someone interviewed Monty :) Good questions that you asked him and some very interesting responses. I can tell he really loves blogging.

  2. I love this! Thank you Irene for doing this. Great start to this series. Loved all the pics you chose too. And Desiree, yes I love blogging.

  3. I adore Monty; he's one of my best classic movie friends, so I'm looking forward to the chance to get to know him a bit better.

    Thanks for doing this series, Irene. What a fabulous idea.

    I am so with you, Monty, on wanting to walk around talking/quoting old movies and having people think you are from outer space. They generally have no idea what in the world I'm talking about. I recently was telling a non-classic movie friend that I had a total crush on William Holden. She had NO IDEA who I was talking about!? That should not be!

    How cool that you've been keeping journals all these years. While I kept journals during my teen years, they have long since been lost. I don't have anything from those days anymore. Good for you for hanging onto them.

  4. Thank you, Desiree - I hope you'll like the next questions, too..

    Monty, no THANK YOU! (for answering and all..)

    Patti, hope you'll visit again for the next "episodes".


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")