Thursday, 15 September 2011

Completely having kittens (11)

Yay! It's Thursday again!

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Here is another reason to love Anthony Perkins: he gives cats away!!

(well, yes - he kept some - and though that little kitten seems not so sure if she can trust her - wouldn't you just love to be at Venetia Stevenson's place??)

I'd like to get one too, Mr. Perkins! Please.. ?

(well - and if not: I am living with the best cats I know - that's for sure!)


  1. That's a good shot! He looks different in it, that's for sure.

    Love the vintage image at the top of the post!

  2. I love these amazing pictures you find.

  3. Michelle: Yes, that's right - he looks quite different.. I think the pin up will from now on be on every Completely having kitten post - but there will always be a link to Cat Thursday - that's for sure! Thank you for doing this meme!

    Kat: Thank you! I am always glad to find them .. and people who like them, too..


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