Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just the last post this year..

I hope for all of you that you'll have a wonderful start into a great and happy new year!

This year for me was full of some awful news in my private live - but also some really nice new friends I met.. 

I will be back with some new ideas for this blog tomorrow - but first:

 Start your new year right - and treat it with respect and love - because it's filled with miracles just for you! 

Thank you all for following this blog - and listening to me! 

(it's really great that so wonderful people out there seem to care about what I think.. I am still amazed. THANK YOU!!)

Thank you for all the nice comments you you left!!!



Thursday, 29 December 2011

Completely havin kittens.. ..2011 wrap up - and a new one..

 Welcome to the last completely having kittens post of 2011..

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Michelle re-posted some of her favourite Cat Thursday pics, which she shared with us through 2011. I'd like to share three of them with you, too before I am going to show you twelve of my favourite this year (followed by a "brand new" one on this blog..)

Here are three I borrowed from Michelle, who posted loads of great pics beside those..: 

And my favourite of them:

Okay - here are my 12 favourite pictures I posted this year on this blog:

 I was participating on this meme before I started it here - I did it on another blog of mine NOT SOPHISTICATED (I'M THE SWEET AND SIMPLE KIND)..

Frankly - I love almost every picture I posted in this series - so I had a hard time to pick just twelve of them.. But here we go - and of course we'll end with my favourite picture of them all..

We had a lot of cats showing their pals (most of them I confess are my favourite actors):

Ava Gardner

Agnes Moorehead

 Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe

James Mason

Judy Garland

 Alain Delon

Ursula Andress
(I simply had to re-post both pictures..)

Peter Lorre

Laird Cregar

Romy Schneider

 And here is the new picture - sporting one of the few actors I dare to call by first name when talking about her (another one would be Romy Schneider..) - our cat-lady of the week is a lady who would have turned 110 years this week:

Marlene Dietrich

* Decemeber 27, 1901  Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany
† May 6, 1992 Paris, France

Thank you all for listening!



Sunday, 25 December 2011

Have yourself a merry little (or great!?!) Christmas!!

 To all of you:

 A Merry Christmas!

~ Lana Turner ~

To all fans of horror films & musicals:

~ Boris Karloff & Ginger Rogers  ~

To all dog-lovers: 

~ Ava Gardner and a little pal ~

To all cat-ladies and -gentlemen 
(and my friend Kate - I'm afraid I don't know who's YOUR favourite, dear..):
~ Young Elizabeth Taylor - with an even younger friend.. ~

To Dawn

~ Gene Tierney - a little colour for you my noirandchickflicks - friend  ~

To Patti:

~ No sun picture - but: Bette Davis - always in the middle of attention.. ~

and to Michelle:
~ Bette Davis and a cat (!)..  Thank you for all Cat-Thursdays!! ~

To Monty:

~ Carole Lombard - with a Hungarian Christmas Wish ~

To our birthdaychildren:

 ~ It's Humphrey Bogart's birthday! Stephen Bogart and Lauren Bacall are celebrating with him.. ~

To all of you - no matter what age or species:

~ Shirley Temple and a wellbehaving little friend.. ~

And to me:

 ~ One of my favourite Christmas pictures: an actual snap shot of Marilyn Monroe at Milton Greene's house celebrating a no-publicity-Christmas with him and his family and friends.. ~

Thank you very much for listening!

And again: A Merry Christmas to you!!



And at last a really cute series of pictures - showing NOT me - but Diana Dors:

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Completely having kittens.. ..with Diana Dors

Time for another cat-lady at SPARKLEs.. 

(this is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT)

This week's guest star is my beloved Diana Dors - who might have been less classy and elegant than her rivals - but for sure did know how to pose ..

Just by the way: I love her shoes.. Diana Dors had a very great taste in shoes - in my opinion..

Yes, this cat is a bit stiff - but there was another picture of her and a shot tiger which didn't fit to the rules of AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE.. (yes, yours Irene has very strict rules..)
- but this picture is more than okay with me:

~ Gorgeous, isn't it? ~

But - where is a "real" cat picture?? 

Here it is:

~ Cosy, hm? ~

So - cat pics done.. what's now? Ah.. yes! The christmas pics!
Here we have Miss Dors as 15 year old teenager - notice the pattern of her outfit.. 

But sweet Diana grew up fast.. and grew blonde, too..

~ ..wonderful shoes again.. ~

And a little autograph - wishing all "Picture Show Readers" best Christmas wishes (and the followers of SPARKLES, too - I guess..)

Yes: I LOVE SHOES - that's why I post a less dark version of the above picture - so now you can see her boots way better..

Have a great day! 

Thank you for listening!

Yours (very well and) truly


(in need of shoes.. lots of shoes..)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Birthday

My favourite Birthday children of the day are two highly sexy ladies:

Known for her breasts and legs..:


* December 21, 1921 (Petsamo, Finland - now Pechenga, Russia)

† January 10, 2008 (Los Angeles, USA)

Just by the way: With less make-up she looked like this:

And the second lady is - who's sex-appeal always was more of the innocent kind:

Jane Fonda

* December 21, 1937 (New York City, New York, USA)

here she is with more make-up:

Thank you for listening


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Some puppy love.. ..with Rita Hayworth

And again sharing some puppy love - today with one of the ladies I adore most:

Rita Hayworth

Here we have a short series showing her with her Dobermann Pal - I do know that most people don't share this - but: I love Dobermanns. - Apparently Miss Hayworth did, too:

And the obligatory christmas picture - showing a real beauty:

Thank you for listening!