Sunday, 29 May 2011

Some random thoughts about… …THE GRASS IS GREENER (1960) and your opportunity to vote

Recently (that is 15 minutes ago…) I was watching the GRASS IS GREENER (1960) by Stanley Donen and I like Jean Simmons very much in this film. She is very funny – and in a hilarious way chichi. Though I think Deborah Kerr (who is funny, too – especially when she is dealing with a firearm) has the prettier wardrobe… - ... and the most difficult decision to make: Cary Grant or Robert Mitchum? – Say, that is a tough one! ;”)

– Speaking of tough decisions: Monty is going to make a tournament again: So go to his blog ALL GOOD THINGS and make up your choice – it is the chance to pick the most favourite actor! The tournament will officially start in June (which will be this week!!) but you might give your voice today and vote in a kind of a warm up: It’s Alec Guinness vs. Richard Burton! (there are only a few hours to go - so be quick!) I hope that I won’t tell too much when I reveal that next year there will be a giant tournament –and on four blogs you can vote for the ultimate favourite actress! (guess which little blog will be participating and present some of the ladies.. *yay!*)

Some of you have voted on my poll – Thank you very much for that!! – and decided that you’d also like to read some post about German/Austrian/British (well, let's say European - that way I can bootleg French movies into my blog, too...) films – as long as there is a connection to classic Hollywood.

Don’t worry, Peter Lorre: It won’t be too much of that – we’ll stay mainly in good old Hollywood. ;”)

I know that blogspot is giving all of us a tough time by not letting us do comments in an easy way - I hope that this will be fixed very soon, because I like leaving comments and appreciate all the hard work fellow bloggers are doing here. And of course I am more that happy if someone leaves a nice comment on my posts.. *ahem* ;")

Anyhow: Have a great time, folks! I am very happy to have you here!!

Yours (very well and) truly,


Friday, 27 May 2011

100 years - really?

A fact that could hardly escape you is that I have a huge crush on a certain actor, who would be 100 years old today.

It is the magnificent merchant of menace - the marvellous master of malice:

Vincent Price!!

So: Praise the Price - by watching a wonderful movie (with him in it..)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Not sooo far away from Hollywood - new series?

Dear friends and/or followers - I am asking for your opinion:

As you might know I am also interested in old German and Austrian films - hej, I grew up with them! ;")

Even if you did not know that - you'll be surely aware that several Hollywood stars (actors, directors etc.) sometimes worked in German/Austrian films - or started in Austrian/German films - most of them pre-Nazi-Germany..

So, here is my question:

Would you like to read something about German/Austrian films?

Like Fritz Lang 's German films like M?

Silent films with Marlene Dietrich? Or Ingrid Bergman 's only German film?

Or VIKTOR & VIKTORIA which would be remade in 1995 with Julie Andrews?

If you are interested to read about German and Austrian films - each and every one? Or just with some kind of Hollywood connection? ;")

Or are you just interested in strictly Hollywood movies? How about old British movies?

That is a lot to ask.. Please leave a comment if you like to!

Well, no! Wait! I try a poll! And now you have one week to make up your mind! (You're able to select mutiple answers.) ;")

Have a great weekend!