Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nothing but the awful truth (5)

And again a new issue of the interview series with Monty Hawes.

Some of you may know that Monty likes Horror films – actually he is a real coinesseur – and does an annual series wih Horror films on his blog HERO WORSHIP - and another annual series about classic Horror films on ALL GOOD THINGS – this year yours Irene is taking part in this and also presents some more or less scary films..

So it was a quite natural thing to ask him a bit about Horror films..

Monty, what do you like most about Horror films?

As to why I love horror movies is not just for the blood and gore. I just love seeing the resolve of people trying to get out of the clutches of a maniac or trap or some type of predicament. To see what they are willing to do and are capable of doing. And I must admit I get a serious adrenaline rush when a chase is occurring or something scary about to happen. Puts me on the edge. Some of my favorite horror movies are Jaws,

The Descent, The Innocents,Silence of the Lambs, The Thing (82 version), Feast, Psycho, Halloween, Fright Night, Dracula (pretty much all versions), Repulsion, The Excorcist, The Birds. EvenFriday the 13th (well part one and two were good), Underworld, Seven, Whatever Happened to baby Jane?, Alien, The Ring, Scream, The Uninvited, My Bloody Valentine, Dog Soldiers, Final Destination, Poltergeist, Wrong Turn, Single White Female, Misery and of course An American Werewolf in London.

Some of my fave horror stars are Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee,

Ingrid Pitt, Elvira, Amy Steele, Kate Beckinsale (lately she has been doing a lot of horror films), Kathy Bates, Anthony Perkins to name a few.

Great question Irene and perfect timing.

Thank you, Monty.. Tell us, please:

What makes a horror film really creepy for you? You know: What scares you the most?

I love it when something jumps out of nowhere or from the shadows to give a scare. Sometimes not seeing something is more scary than actually seeing it.

I agree, Monty. Thank you for your answers! As always great!

Please, visit next week – when Monty is going to recommend some horror films for Halloween..

Thank you all for listening




  1. Oh, my gosh, Monty, The Exorcist? That is the scariest movie I have seen in my entire life!! I'm not at all sure how I got into see an R-rated movie when I was 14, but somehow, I did, and let me tell you, that movie shook me up for about 2 years!! I slept with my light on every night for the next 2 years!! I can't express enough that I was totally terrified!!

    Needless to say, I don't do horror AT ALL, though I can do mild suspense. Sometimes, though, like in the case of Midnight Lace (Doris Day), I have to watch with my hands over my eyes, just peeking through cracks in my fingers.

    There's some new movie being advertised now (I don't remember the name), and my kids heard that after seeing it, a 17 year old boy wanted to sleep with his scared him that much! I bet you'll probably be wanting to see that one, huh?

    You are a much braver soul than I am, that's for sure.

  2. awesome post Irene! Thank you once again. And yes Patti I love horror movies, especially this time of year.

  3. Creepy and Scary are two totally different things. The creepiness is what I love about the classic Universal horror flicks, though audiences today probably wouldn't consider them that scary. Bela Lugosi as Ygor in "Son of Frankenstein" for example...super creepy.


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