Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nothing but the awful truth (4)

Another issue of the weekly interview with Monty Hawes.

I like to watch films setted in the time of the year we actually have - this is no must - but it adds kind of a nice feeling. So I asked Monty for some suggestions:

Monty, please name some autumn films, which you can recommend for this time of the year.

Here are some choice autumn films of mine:

At the top of the list has to be Picnic with William Holden, Kim Novak and Rosalind Russell. Just a great romantic drama set in a small town that looks gorgeous.

~ Labour Day picnic.. ~

Yes, that film would have make it into my list too, Monty..

Meet Me in St. Louis is another good one as I remember it has a scene set around the fall time too.

~ horrible, horrible things can happen around Halloween.. ~

That is an amazing film - which fits into each and every time of the year, I think. It's great.

The Trouble with Harry is one Of Hitch’s most underrated films and has a lovely setting and a terrific Shirley MacLaine.

~ ah, yes.. spending one's time in the woods during the fall time.. lovely.. ~

Monty, this one would be my No.1 classic autumn film - glad you name it here! It's one of my favourite Alfred Hitchcock films!

Remember the Titans set during football season for a high school team with Denzel Washington in his best role. I love this movie. Have seen it like 30 times.

~ more men spending their time in the woods.. hm.. a new series? ~

Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams reining in his comedy a bit for a great film. I didn’t think I would like this film when it first came out and it does have some sad parts but it’s also an amazing movie.

~ Also no indoor society.. ~

Practical Magic is a good one too with the pairing of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as modern day witches.

~ of course the ladies aren't spending their time indoors when the autumn nights are cosy & nice.. ~

Well, Monty - that's another one that is on my list, too - watch this one every year..

Those are about all I can think of right now.

Well, that is a great list of films - and I think everyone can pick her/his favourite from them. There are some nice movie evenings ahead.. Thank you for answering Monty!

Love your list - and it's great that you share your knowledge about films with us! I for sure have to check out REMEMBER THE TITANS..

From my list I would like to add (..only a few films.. don't worry..)

Just three of my favourites:

I love this film:


~ few outdoor scenes - but the leaves are falling indeed.. ~

and then - one of my all-time favourite modern films :

FROM HELL (2001)

~ though no one really notice it in this film : the "Ripper"-murder happened from August - November 1888. ~

and last but not least maybe my #1 favourite modern film:


~ more people outside.. - of course many beautiful indoor scenes.. ~

Thank you all for listening!

Yours (very well and) truly



  1. ohmygosh!! I posted a suprise "Fall" post for Monty, on his blog, yesterday.. that goes along the same theme as this wondeful post...

  2. Haha! Yes, Dawn.. I noticed that.. ;") Great post of yours! Wonderfully done!


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