Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nothing but the awful truth (3)

Ah.. it’s Sunday again – time for the weekly interview with Monty..

Let’s start right now:

Monty, your followers know that you are a fan of 1930s and 1960s films – why is that so?

The 30’s and 60’s are my favorite decades when it comes to watching classic films. I mean I like the 40’s and 50’s as well but I like the 30’s and 60’s more.

As for why let me start with the 30’s. Since screwball comedies are my favorite type of films they fit perfectly in the 30’s. Because the 30’s to me are when screwballs ruled and they were at their golden best.

For the 60’s I love that era because the times were changing and new style of film was emerging. The spy films, the westerns, the sex comedies, the dramas, even the musicals were now being done very differently. And the films of the 60’s had some of the coolest fashions, music and settings ever caught on film.

~ It's Raquel Welch demonstrating the 1960's films! Mhm.. maybe not musicals.. - but I bet she is also a spy.. ~

Speaking of settings, Monty:

Which settings are your favourites? Why? Are there settings you don’t like?

I love to see settings in the countryside or on a farm. See foreign lands. Different countries. Films set during the fall or wintertime. Small towns are good too. Big metro cities are ok but not my favorite setting. Too many people and stuff going on kind of distracts from the film sometimes. Other nice settings would be maybe on an island or at a resort.

~ How about we all go and film our own movie
- at Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii?? *sigh*~

Maybe in a historic town or something similar. Great question Irene again.

Thank you, Monty.

Which film setting would you like to visit?

It doesn’t matter if you just like to walk the footsteps of some actor and visiting “the real place where Cary Grant ran through a field” or would like to be transferred in kind of a fantasy land – like dreaming of Oz becoming real and you’re walking down the yellow brick road and have to avoid heaps of poppy..

Wow..which film setting would I like to visit? Another great question. Off the top of my head I would have to say Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood. Just looked so lush and vibrant even though you had a lot of despair going on.

Once Robin got things straight it’s the perfect place to be I would imagine.

Oohhhhh and Pirates of the Caribbean would be very nice as well.

Oh, Sherwood Forest! … Nice, Monty. A mixture of each and every Sherwood Forest I ever saw arises into a pretty sight in my mind’s eye..

~ "Come visit Sherwood Forest - it's full of adventure!
Robin Hood and his Merry Men will await you.."
(tourists - they are EVERYWHERE..)~

Thank you so much for answering, Monty!

Hope you all will be back for the next issue..

Thank you very much for listening

Yours (very well and) truly



  1. Excellent commentary and great pics as usual Irene. I love this interview series you are doing with me. Thanks again.

  2. I know what you mean about settings... They are very important part of movies.. That is one of the reasons I love musicals. Their beautiful settings.

  3. I really love your responses, Monty--very insightful and fun to read... and great questions, Irene :) things I never thought about.


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")