Saturday, 1 October 2011

It could happen to you..

Judy Holliday

* June 21, 1921 † June 6, 1965

Diagnosed with breast cancer in the early 1960s.

Had a mastectomy but the cancer later spread to her throat.


  1. How ironic you would pick her for today... I just watched Born Yesterday last night! Anyway, a life cut unfortunately short. :(

  2. I adore Judy Holliday. Losing her at such a young age was a definite tragedy.

  3. Quite a coincidence, Rianna! Hope you enjoyed that film..

    Patti - she will always be one of my top ten all-time favourite actresses.. - top 5 to be specific I think...

  4. I love Judy. Like Rianna said, a life cut too short.

  5. Awww, so sad :( Quite a few stars were taken by breast cancer, including my beloved Roz.

  6. True, Desiree - just btw: of course there will be a post with her name, too..


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