Sunday, 9 October 2011

Memorable Film and TV Characters (8): SHANE

Shane, one cool gunfighter...

I'm a big western fan and there is no greater character in westerns than of ex-gunfighter Shane (wonderfully played by Alan Ladd). Shane is looking to put his violent past behind him as he comes across rancher Joe Starrett and his family. The Starretts and other settlers are being bullied by cattleman Ryker and his cronies into giving up there land. Shane doesn't want to get involved but once he is pushed, there's no turning back.

Shane meeting Joe Starrett

Shane is a classic character with a dubious past that is trying to put those bad years behind him. And he is so mellow and low key, you really don't think of him as violent man. But once he straps on his pistols...let's just say old habits die hard. There is no doubt that Shane is a flawed man, but he is also kind and helpful. And doesn't like seeing good people being pushed around. When there is no other option, he jumps in to stop the bad guys from running off the settlers, or worse yet, killing them. He rather have the blood on his hands than the good settlers becoming what he is. It's a poetic character study and one that you will never forget.
Shane meeting Little Joey...

And the young Starrett kid calling "Shane, come back Shane!" gets me everytime.

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