Thursday, 27 October 2011

Completely having kittens.. ..with some Birthday children and such..

** This week the Cat Thursday is dedicated to Libby the cat of Diane @ BIBLIOPHILE BY THE SEA - who passed away some weeks ago. All my love to you, Diane! **

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Some of my favourites are today's birthday children!

Happy Birthday to them all!!

And somehow you can relate them to cats..

~ ahem... ~

Like the lovely Ruby Dee

- who played in CATPEOPLE (1982)

or Teresa Wright

- who had a part in TRACK OF THE CAT (1954)

or my beloved Jack Carson

- who appeared in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958)

well.. a lot of kitty films out there, hm?

- but we have one birthday boy, who actually is posing with a cat:

John Cleese:

Thank you, Mr. Cleese!

What? The others had TWO pictures? That's not fair?


Anything to please you:

Oh.. and since Halloween is soo near - all my love to all fraidy-cats and -kitten out there!

Looks like this cat is less afraid than Judy Garland..

Have a great day - and a spooky Halloween!

Yours (very well and) truly



  1. and I didn't even mention Roberto Benigni and SON OF THE PINK PANTHER.. ;")

  2. How spooktacular!!

    Have a wonderful Halloween!!

  3. Thank you, Dawn! Same to you!!

    Thank you for commenting, Melissa!

  4. Aw! Come here, Judy, and I'll give you and the cat a hug.

  5. Not sure if my post went through, but I love these pics.

  6. Awesome pics this week, Irene! John Cleese just looks like a cat lover, doesn't he? Would you mind if I snag that Judy Garland image? I might use it for my Frightful Fall (I'm changing the name to Frightfall) read-a-thon button next year. =O)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Great post Irene. I zoomed right in on Teresa's pic because of her birthday yesterday.

  8. Very kind of you, CharmedLassie - but please: line up.. ;")

    Thank you, Yvonne!

    Michelle: Please feel free to use that picture! It's lovely, isn't it? I love "frightfall"!

    Thank you, Monty - a lot of birthday children that day..

  9. Irene, you are so very sweet for mentioning our sweet girl Libby's passing. I appreciate that so much.

    Your blog is so very cool - love it!


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