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Watch out for.. ..Jaime Winstone

Here we go with another new series on this blog. It's kind of an equivalent to the Do you remember series - just that in this series I will feature more recent film people.. Some of them might be already stars - some of them are just stars in my little universe.. As always this series is completely subjective..

Of course I originally planned to feature one of my number 1 recent actresses to star in this series first.. But then I found out that a certain actress is celebrating her birthday today.. so here she is - our first guest for this series - and today's birthday girl:

Jaime Winstone

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She was born on May 6, 1985 in Camden, London, England.

Her elder sisters Lois Winstone (*1982) is an actress, too. And so is her father Ray Winstone. As far as I know her younger sister Ellie Rae Winstone (*2002) and her mother Elaine McCausland are no actresses - though Ellie appeared together with Lois and Ray Winstone in THE HOT POTATO (2011)..

Jaime Winstone also works as a fashion model - and sings backing vocals for her sister Lois' band (source: - so: who knows..) 

~ one great part about modeling: wearing amazing shoes.. ~

On Screen - so far:

She did quite a lot for Telly - I think especially the BBC mini-series FIVE DAUGHTERS (2010) based on the Ipswich serial murders on five girls between October 30 and December 10, 2006 is interesting. (Frankly, I actually found that series because of Ian Hart..) Jaime was to play one of the victims.

~ with Al Weaver in FIVE DAUGHTERS ~

Her first appearance in a film was for BULLET BOY (2004) - which I will not watch because in this flick apparently a dog gets shot as an act of revenge.

Like BULLET BOY her next film KIDULTHOOD (2006) dealt with aggressive young adults/teenagers  - and I think that rebellious image is quite stuck on Jaime Winstone.

~ in KIDULTHOOD - not the daughter mothers dream of, I guess.. ~

She made herself a name with her next film DADDY'S GIRL (2006) - which brought her to a genre which is not that beloved among my followers - and frankly: If I watch those - I do it on a safe place like my couch..): Horror films..

Though declared as a thriller also DONKEY PUNCH (2008) might be a bit hard for some viewers - it is about a group of people making holidays in Spain - and end up fighting for their life.. (Not my idea of a dream vacation..) Here Jaime had some really hot sex scenes.. 

Then she made EVE (2009) - of which I don't know too much besides that it was rather short with ca 75 Minutes.. Sorry for that lack of information here.. 

But I can tell you about a comedy she did in that very year: BOOGIE WOOGIE (2009). This film is quite a crazy little comedy with a very interesting cast: It has among others Heather Graham, Alan Cumming, Gilian AndersonAmanda SeyfriedStellan Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling, Joanna Lumley and Christopher Lee.. Have a look here:

My overall favourite film which features her is MADE IN DAGENHAM (2010) - and I recommend to all of you. It is really great - and especially when you enjoy British comedies which are not only funny but also very intelligent and partly a bit sad this might be your cup of tea. It is for sure when you enjoy films set in 1960s.. This film is so up for one of my epic reviews.. Jamie's father Ray later stated that this film made him cry because it made him think of his own "hardworking mom".

Jaime Winstone is the girl you see in the very first seconds of this clip - wearing and posing in hot pants.. Actually you will notice her through the whole film - which is caused by the fact that it is extremely well written and gives every character the chance to show some aspects of their personality..

Again: this is one of my favourites films ever - and I highly recommend it. Not only because it has one of my two number 1 favourite recent actresses Sally Hawkins in the leading part..

In 2011 Jaime appeared in two films WILD BILL (2011) and ANUVAHOOD (2011) - which are quite different - and still resemble each other in the social class they are portraying.. But while WILD BILL is more of a brutal and drama type - I think you might take a look at ANUVAHOOD:

This year Jaime is coming home to horror films with ELFIE HOPKINS (2012) - which also features her father Ray Winstone. Because of her I am actually thinking about watching this one.. Maybe I will need someone to hold my hand then..

Right now the next film she will be in is UWANTME2KILLHIM (2012) - and though most of her films are a bit too tough for me - I certainly hope to see her again on screen and will be watching out for her. She is quite an interesting actress - and I think it would be great to see her develop in her roles..

~ one of my favourite pictures of her - you are not surprised, are you? ~

If you want to you can visit her page:

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  1. Ok when I first starting reading your post about Jaime Winstone, I was like..who?. Didn't register until you got to Made in Dagenham, and then it clicked..oh her! And Ray is her dad. How cool. Thanks for shedding light on her Irene. Really enjoyed learning more about her.

  2. You're welcome, Monty. Glad you enjoyed this! Yes.. I guess MADE IN DAGENHAM is her most popular/famous film - and for sure my favourite of those she made by now..

    Thank you so very much for reading this post and commenting on it!


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