Friday, 25 May 2012

Three Swedish Girls..

Today (May, 26 - somehow the "date thing" isn't working here - no matter how often I fix it..) is the birthday of Ingrid Goude who was Miss Sweden in 1956 (In 1951 it was a certain girl named Anita Ekberg..) and appeared in a few movies of maybe not really international fame..  

Though I happen not to care too much for nowadays beauty pageants (for beauty pageants at all.. I can't see why anyone should make her-/himself reliant to the judgement of a bunch of people - without need..) - I have a soft spot for the beauty ideals of the past.. (Maybe until the mid 1970's..) Well.. anyway.. 

Today I will spent the day in the city on my own - which I enjoy very much. It will be kind of a single girl's day - but of course to be with friend is also great - so here you have some pictures of Ingrid Goude having fun with fellow Swedish ladies May Britt and Inger Stevens. And for in Northern Hemisphere the Summer is beginning and at least in USA (for Memorial Day) and in Germany ( for Pentecost) Monday will be a day off (I am not sure whether Azerbaijian's and Armenia's Republic Day and National Day in Etophia are off, too) and I think these pictures really fit the occasion of a long, sunny weekend.. 

But first: 

Happy Birthday, Ingrid

- or:

 Grattis på födelsedagen, Ingrid!!! 

And now - have a wonderful weekend!..

..and don't forget: 

~ Keep your hair in style.. ~

~ make sure you look good on photos - and the light is right.. ~

~ Keep your feet clean ~

~ don't forget to eat a bit.. ~

~ and of course: have fun! ~

Thank you very much for listening!

yours very well and truly 



  1. Pretty cool photos Irene and a lovely post as usual. Great title too...Three Swedish Girls. Hope you had an awesome day in the city!

    1. Thank you, Monty. And - yes, I had. Thank you again.

  2. Those are great photos, Irene...very fun-loving. And the girls are so colorful and pretty.

    Just last week, I saw a movie with Inger Stevens, and I have heard of Anita Ekberg (she's in a movie with my Robert Ryan). But I have never heard of Ingrid Goude. Her birthday is a good time to make her acquaintance.

    A day alone in the city sounds wonderful. While I LOVE doing any and all things with my daughter, occasionally, a day alone is fun, and since I am very definitely a big city/shopping kind of gal, your day sounds divine to me.....

    1. That's cool about the Inger Stevens film - which one? (I really like her..)

      And: yes, I think doing things on your own being unaccountable can be great! I enjoy that very much. And it was really divine, Patti.. :")


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