Tuesday, 29 May 2012

All day long I thought of you..

Well.. not of YOU maybe.. though.. who knows.. no.. actually it was her:

Romy Schneider.

Exactely 30 years ago on May 29, 1982 she died at the age of 43. And when ever I wrote today's date down today (and I wrote it quite often) I was thinking of her.. She is one of my really favourite actresses ever. I know I use "favourite actress/actor" a lot - there are so many I like.. But there is a little "inner circle" of just a few.. A few of whom the most are a little dickey or have a little crack.. The broken and despaired.. ok.. let's leave that..

Back to Romy and me.. 

We met when we were very young.. she was a teenager and became Empress of Austria and married a really boring man (sorry, Mr. Böhm.. but: Franz Joseph wasn't the kind of guy I would go for..)

~ I hated and loved those SISSI-films..
- but I think I might write some posts about those films which made her a star in Germany later on..

 and I was a child and became obsessed with films.. - not because of her or her films - it was just that we met at the right moment - and the more I learnt about her troubles and fights the more we grew together.. She gave me a feeling of being ok even if all people around you expect things of you you do not want or are not able to do. A feeling of not beeing alone..

And for I found her not sooo breathtaking when she was young but just beautiful when she grew older I had the hope that maybe someday even I could be pretty.. a bit.. well thoughts of a caterpillar looking at a butterfly, I guess..

Since then we spent a lot of time together.. 

We cried together 

We were afraid together

We laughed together

We had a heck of a time - though she was dead already and all that was left were some shimmering images on film - but at some points I think: we all are merely some glimmer in another person's eye..

She was the best friend I never had - so:

Romy, I think I love you.




  1. What a heartfelt post you wrote Irene. I can tell Romy means a lot to you. Thanks for sharing with all of us with this wonderful post.

  2. I am not familiar with Romy, but I appreciate the passion you have for her. I feel that way about a few actors myself; in fact, last week, on the 60th anniversary of John Garfield's death, he was on my mind that whole day. Through the years, these people become our friends, and the loss of them impacts us a bit. I am thankful that we can still have them with us through the films they left behind.

    Thanks for sharing your heart about the beautiful Romy.

    1. Thank you, Patti. John Garfield was just wonderful.

  3. This is such a lovely post, Irene. Romy was superlative and your crush shines through! I totally enjoyed it!

  4. This really is a lovely post. I'm not familiar with her at all, and if it weren't for other posters mentioning her name, I wouldn't even have known she was an actress. I would like to see something she's in one of these days, and look forward to more posts from you on her movies. I love the very first picture of her.

    1. Thank you so much! So great to know that someone actually would be interested in posts about her films! The first picture is just stunning, isn't it? I love the composition of it..

  5. I'm also not that familiar with Romy. Although, she reminds me a little of...Ann Margaret.


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