Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fresh from cinema.. ..Moonrise Kingdom

As you know I watched two films yesterday in cinema when I spent the day in the city.. So here is the second film - which also openend the Cannes Film Festival this year:

MOONRISE KINGDOM (USA, 2012) by Wes Anderson

In a nut-shell: 

It's 1965. On Penzance Island, New England, Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman in his first appearance - really liked his performance here) "quits" as a Khaki Scout and runs away with Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward - also her first film - and also great..) who reads a lot but just at times goes off the rails.. They are in love and as they both are social outsiders they have a lot in common and for sure nothing to hold them back.

~ finding a way -
Suzy (with a furry friend in the basket) and Sam (with something furry on his head.) ~

Soon Suzy's parents (Frances McDormand and Bill Murray - both as we are used to see from them: just wonderful..), Scout Master Ward (unbelievable funny: Edward Norton) with several other Khaki Scouts, Island Police Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis - very cool and here I mean it in a good way ..) and "Social Services" (Tilda Swinton - great as always..) are after them.. What all of them don't know - but thanks to Narrator Bob Balaban (yay for him!!) we do : there is a storm ahead.. 

~ There were those two lawyers, a scout and a police man on a pier..
 ... oh.. You know that one already?  ~

If you are since forever dreaming to see...

... off-key romances and disaster movies...

... films set in 1965 on Islands...

... Bruce Willis not loosing his shirt but wearing glasses and listening to some Hank Williams songs...

... Bill Murray wearing nothing but his pyjama bottoms, some alcohol and an axe...

... Edward Norton / Harvey Keitel in Scout uniforms...

... you shouldn't loose time:

Go, watch this film as soon as possible, please!

~ always keep in mind: fire prevention - and a neat outfit ~

Yes.. I was waiting for this film since Wes Anderson is another of my favourite recent directors. - They release many films these days my favourite recent directors.. Really good for me.. - As in his other films the humour is quite laconic - and the film has so many details to see that every time you watch his films you might see something you did not notice before.. What I also like that every film of him seems to have it's own colour - this time it was yellow.. The soundtrack is as always for Anderson's films amazing - here it includes Classic and Country music by Hank Williams as much as Françoise Hardy's LE TEMP DE L'AMOUR..

I love Wes Anderson's film characters - how could I not love a girl who is not only an outsider but who loves to read and who won't leave her home without taking her Françoise Hardy album and her little tom-cat with her?  (That is truly a character I can relate to - though I never attacked people..)

To be frank: I was a bit worried about the cat.. There appears always one death in Wes Anderson's films.. If you're looking careful at this post you will learn who it'll be this time - in case you don't want to be surprised.. 

~ another actress named Hayward..
I will be watching you, love.. yes.. I will be watching.. *muhahaha* ~

Those who know Wes Anderson's films will be aware that there is kind of an Anderson ensemble - those actors who will appear in his films frequently - in this film it is Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman (who played another Scout..). I loved that none other than Harvey Keitel appeared as the ultimate Scout Commander Pierce! And that Edward Norton agreed to play Scout Master Ward - well.. little film fan girl was quite excited.. and *Jiminy Cricket!* really had a great time!

Have a look - you'll even get to see the little tom-cat in the end..:


So if you like some intelligent,calm and at times a bit black humour presented by a magnificent cast - you might enjoy this 94 minutes of film as much as I did. 

Thank you very much for listening!

Yours very well and truly


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