Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Some puppy love.. ..with Laurence Olivier

Welcome to a new puppy love issue on this blog.. 

Well.. well.. it's been quite a long time since the last post for this series.. Quite a time since my last post at all, too.. Did you miss it - at least a bit? A Tiny bit??

Today my guest will be birthday boy Laurence Olivier - of whom we all know countless pictures with the Siamese cats Vivien Leigh and he lived with..

So - today he is here - with some dogs:

With Pip during the filming of HAMLET (UK, 1948) - amazing film.. ..and the first one to feature both Peter Cushing AND Christopher Lee! Now - is that awesome or what??  

And my favourite - mostly because here the dog isn't wearing some silly skirt.. - and it looks a lot like a relaxed private moment.. I do not know the name of his friend - so I think we keep this a secret.. 

Thank you very much for listening!

Yours truly


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