Thursday, 3 May 2012

R-r-r-aving about things with "R" .. - attending a meme without a name..

Via DKoren and her fabulous blog SIDEWALK CROSSINGS I found this meme.. (Her post is linked - so you can read about her favourite things beginning with the letter "M".. - I also think this is part of the rules - though it isn't actually said there..) 

Here are the rules:

"How to Play: Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal."

Now this sounds like fun - doesn't it?

The letter I got was "R" - hence the title of this post.. Though it's no part of the rules I am trying to name ten "things" I love beginning with "r" which are related to films..

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So - let's see - here they are in a random order just the first ten "things" with "r" that I can think of:

  • R like Raft, George - I am more than just fond of this gentleman.. He is one of my altime favourites..

  • R like RAVEN, THE (1963) - well.. of course I LOVE that one!! It has Vincent PricePeter LorreHazel Court and Boris Karloff!! I am looking forward for THE RAVEN (2012) - a film about Edgar Allan Poe (Love him!!) which will be here released in cinema this year in September - I guess everywhere else it's by now almost forgotten.. 

    Of course I love the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe:

  - and that corvids are some of my favourite animals you know by now anyway..

  • R like Roscoe Karns - I love that guy! An appearance of him in a movie can brighten my day..

  • R like Renfield - this is one of my favourite fictitious characters ever - performed by my beloved Dwight Frye in the 1931 adaptation of my favourite novel DRACULA of course. His laughter and his whole interpretation of this part was just magnificent!

  • R like Romy Schneider  - another one of my favourites..

  • R like Russian composers.. I love a good score - also very much when it's got some classic music.. (Tchaikovsky was always one of my favourites..)

    • R like Robinson, Edward G. - another one I simply adore..

    • R like Ricky Ricardo - I ♥ LUCY - I really do.. And I adore Ricky.. Like him I have troubles with my "slight accent" - though my isn't as cute as his is.. I guess I sound like a Nazi spy from the old movies trying to sound like a cockney flower girl..

    • R like "Rosebud" ... think what you want of Orson Welles and CITIZEN KANE (1941) - for me that was a stroke of genius..  - and it had Agnes Robertson Moorehead.. 

    • R like Ryn, Nicholas van - one of my favourite Vincent Price film characters. It's from the amazing DRAGONWYCK (1946).. I love that maniac..

    Not bad - hm?

    If you like to get a letter please leave a comment and ask for one - you can of course also comment without getting a letter..

    Hope you enjoyed this..

    Have a lovely day - and thank you very much for listening!

    And thanks to DKoren for letting me join the fun!



    1. How cool! Love your picks in Romy and Roscoe. And yes please I would love a letter!

    2. You don't have to give me a letter, as DKoren already gave me one, and, like you, I am making mine film-related. (Probably doing it on Monday.)

      I would love to hear your Nazi spy/Cockney flower girl accent. I bet it's delightful!!

      I am right there with you on George Raft!!! Quite swoon material in my book.

      Just watched an Eddie G. film the other night. "The Last Gangster," which also had Jimmy Stewart. Ever seen that one?

      You (and Monty) talk alot about Romy Schneider. I really am unfamiliar with her.

      Thanks for sharing these...they were fun.

    3. Glad that you enjoyed those pictures, Monty.. I give you the letter "A" like ALL GOOD THINGS..

      Looking forward for your list then!

      Patti: I am more than excited what your list will look like! No - I did not watch THE LAST GANGSTER yet - though it has also the marvellous Louise Beavers..

      Don't worry that you don't know Romy.

      Have a lovely day - and thank you so much for commenting!


    I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")