Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Some changes and really strange things.. ;")

Monty is on vacation - so I am acting as his substitute on his blog ALL GOOD THINGS - come and visit me there, if you like to. It'll only last till Sunday - and it won't be anything special (in the main it'll be Birthday posts..) but for I am about to change a few things here, it is a good chance to try me out a bit.. - without displace Monty's followers preferably... ;")

I want to post shorter entries on this blog added to the very, very, very long film post I normally do here. These long posts mean a lot of work (I know according to my grammar and spelling it does not seem so.. ;"p) and they also are real "timegobblers" for you - I know that from my own reading habits here..

I also want to post more often than I do now. So there will be a few changes with small posts (titbits) about film-things, moviepeople I love/loathe or just random thoughts about flicks.

E.g. silly stuff like this today: ;")

Some weeks ago I found these in the supermarket:

Classic-films-themed ice cream!!

("Dark chocolate and raspberry with raspberry-sauce")


("lemon, mascarpone and vodka-lemon-sauce")

Crazy, isn't it?

I am curious - what will be next?


Or, no - wait: WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1957) and SUNSET BLVD. (1950)!!

What do you think: Which flavour would they have? Which films would you like to taste? ;")

A 1980ies commercial I grew up with - at least a bit related to the ice theme today..


  1. I want my ice cream with Classic Films on it, thank you! :)

  2. Sweet post Irene! And thank yo again for taking care of my blog while I was away. You're the best.

  3. Well, I must say that the lemon/mascarpone sounds delish to me. I'm not much of a chocolate person, but I DO love lemon.

    I didn't get over to Monty's blog much this week. I was quite far behind on a school assignment, so I didn't do much blog reading. In fact, I didn't know about the Blogger glitch until it had already been fixed.

  4. I agree with Monty, your the best.
    I got all excited when I saw your post saying you were making some changes on your blog.
    Thanking you honey for always leaving me comments on my blogs, thanks for wishing me a happy b-day also, it was a crappy ass one though but life goes on, I can't depend on my partner making it special as he lets me know that I'm not. Yeah marriage can suck at times and not in a good way either.

  5. Clara: I don't think that I am sorry for that.. ;"p

    Monty: Sweet, indeed! ;"p And: Thank you! You're even better! :")

    Patti: I am no chocolate person either - but raspberry can seduce me.. And lemon! Gosh!! ;") - Though that Vodka scared me a bit.. ;") That glitch freaked me out! Working on a friend's blog - and then every thing is gone is horror! ;")

    JANN: Oh, Honey! I am so sorry to hear that! (well, not the part about me being the best.. ;"p) For ME you a very special. (too kitschy?) Anyway: Your posts are giving me a good feeling. And I am happy about your comments, too! :")

  6. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with. Change is always fun. :)

  7. yeah - I am looking forward for that, too.. *think, think, think* ;")


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")