Saturday, 5 May 2012

L'amour - l'amour.. ..Kitty Trimble & Quentin Ladd

This is a new series on this blog featuring my favourite film couples - real or fictitious (incl. just for publicity). I decided instead of doing themed months – which gave me a feeling of being limited and by that made me feel miserable and not in the mood to write anymore – to do several new series. That way I hope this blog won’t become a nuisance to you either.

Of course we'll need an icon for that series: 

~ nice, hm? ~

So here it is – one of my favourite film couples ever:

Kitty Trimble (Lucille Ball) and Quentin Ladd (Keenan Wynn) from WITHOUT LOVE (USA, 1945) 

For those who do not know the film - or do not remember it well:

Kitty and Quentin might not have the biggest part in this film - still it's my favourite.. 

They need some time to find each other because Edwina Collins (the great Patricia Morison - I love her!!) is off and on engaged to Quentin  - but apparently it's more a question of prestige than of love.. 

But in the end - well.. Kitty and Quentin made it into this series as a happy couple.. (At times I actually like couples to become happy.. I am not a fulltime malicious spinster..)

~ awww..
I want a Keenan Wynn, too!! ~

I know the film is more about Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy – but for me it’ll be always the story of how Quentin and Kitty became lovers..

Thank you all for listening!

Have a lovely weekend!




  1. I have that film on DVD....recorded it from TCM about 4 years ago and haven't watched it since then. I definitely don't remember Lucille Ball being in it, so I think I'm in need of a re-watch.

    I love your new series idea. I'll be reading faithfully!!

    Hope you're having a great day,

  2. Oh, Patti! I hope you enjoy that re-watch - and esp. this little romance between Kitty and Quentin.. ;")

    Glad that you like the idea of this series!!

    Thank you for your kind wishes - and I am wishing for you to have a great day, too!


  3. Great idea for a series Irene! I must admit having not seen this one. So I need to check it out.

  4. Thank you, Monty! I sure hope you're going to enjoy this film!!


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