Friday, 11 May 2012

Memorable Film and TV Characters (10): Uncle Charlie (SHADOW OF A DOUBT)

  The man in question, Charlie Oakley

I know I haven't did one of these in months...not since last October when I talked about one Fran Kubelik. So sorry everyone, my only excuse being busy at work and so many blogs that I contribute to. My apologies to Irene as well. But here I am with a brand spanking new post about one of my fave film characters ever...Uncle Charlie from Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 classic, Shadow of A Doubt. As played by Joseph Cotten, Uncle Charlie Oakley is the sophisticated and world traveler who is always on the mind of his niece, Charlotte "Charlie" Newton. Well Uncle Charlie also happens to be the Merry Widow killer, and heads home to visit his family while hiding out from the police.
The impressionable Charlotte and her Uncle Charlie enjoying a nice meal

Uncle Charlie is all polite and good manners, you just don't suspect him to be a murderer of women. But he is, much to the dismay of his niece. Uncle Charlie may be a monster, but he's so gosh darned charming too. So sincere and patient and kind. But can flip the switch just like that and become very menacing and physical. One of Hitch's best characters ever to grace the screen. Does every family have an Uncle Charlie? I mean not a murderer mind you, but someone so suave and smooth, that everyone just loves to death. Probably so.

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