Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy Birthday!

And again: Some of my favourites are having their Birthday today!

So yay for:

Eamonn Walker

* November 30, 1950

~ What can I say? He is just awesome! And very sexy.. ~

Mandy Patinkin

* November 30, 1952

~ Love him! Love him when he smiles - and love him when he's grumpy. Adorable! Also very, very sexy.. ~


Virginia Mayo!

* November 30, 1920
† January 17, 2005

Great actress! She is - of course: very, very, very sexy..

Just a day for sexy people..

All of them are not only actors but very talented musical performancers - though Miss Mayo stated that she was a professional nonsinger -she was a not so bad at dancing: Have a look - this is from STARLIFT (1951):

Mandy Patinkin is here singing a well known song from a classic movie:

Eamonn Walker sounds completely different than Mr. Patinkin.. He was afraid he couldn't do the part of Howlin' Wolf in CADILLAC RECORDS (2008) - because he would have to sing - but I love it! (I am a fan of Howlin' Wolf - and I think Mr. Walker did a good job here - not to mention that I get some kick out of his smile..) The film is one of my modern favourites:


Have a great day!



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