Thursday, 24 November 2011

Completely having kittens.. ..with Elizabeth Taylor

And again we're completely having kitten here..

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Our guest today is Elizabeth Taylor : favourites:

(and of course there is the obligatory Siamese cat:)

Have a great day!


(very well and) truly



  1. Isn't she gorgeous? I love her. She has the same colouring as my Mum, but because I was blonde (now red/brown) and very fair I thought she was so beautiful.

  2. I agree, Kate: Completely gorgeous!

  3. beautiful cats an womens!

    I guess you know these two photos.
    They are two of my favorite "cats" and films:
    Kim Novac
    Katherin Hepburn

    thanks for your work, Irene


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")