Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy Birthday!

He was one of Preston Sturges' stock company actors - in about 10 of 13 films directed by Sturges he appeared - his face you might know - though you might be not aware of his name - - today is his birthday:

Torben Meyer
* December 1, 1884 (Århus, Denmark)
†May 22, 1975 (Hollywood, USA)

I think he is best know as Werner Lampe in JUDGMENT IN NUREMBERG (1961)


He is turning 50 today - and he is one of my all-time crushes:

Jeremy Northam

*December 1, 1961 (Cambridge, UK)


She is turning 40 today - an actress, who I adore and about whom I talked lately with one of my best friends:

Emily Mortimer

*December 1, 1971 (London, UK)


He was sometimes a bit over the top - and though he had bit parts in so many classics - and in some he had even bigger parts.. I wasn't able to find a proper picture - so here you'll get a trailer for a film I haven't seen yet - but it'll give you at least his face..

William Tracy

*December 1, 1917 (Pittsburgh, USA)
† June 18, 1967 (Hollywood, USA)

Thank you all for listening!




  1. The only one of those people I know is Jeremy Northam....the best possible Mr. Knightley!! And he and I were born the same year, so we have both hit that monumental big 5-0 this year!! But, I've heard that 50's the new 40, so we're both still on the cutting edge!!

    Have a fabulous day,

  2. Thank you, Patti!

    Actually I am surprised that you don't know Torben Meyer or William Tracy..

    I agree Jeremy Northam was great as Mr. Knightley..

  3. Wow, we were just talking about Emily too. Talk about timing.

  4. Well.. Isn't that a coincindence, Monty? ;")


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