Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nothing but the awful truth - last time on this blog..

This will be the last time that I post a part of the longtime interview with Monty at AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE - from next Sunday on these interviews will be posted at Monty's and my new blog LET THE SHOW BEGIN.
So for the last edition here I asked Monty:

What's the perfect way for you to watch a film?

The perfect way for me to watch a film would be at home on my sofa with no distractions. Its great to watch them with Stephanie and our two dogs Molly and Lucy right beside us as well. But I wouldn’t want a crowd of people if you know what I mean. You can enjoy it that much better. And besides most of our friends and family aren’t that into classic movies. Stephanie wasn’t before she met me, but now she likes them. So there are few and far between friends that will come over to watch movies with us. If they do it will be modern films which is cool.

Do you eat/drink during watching a film? If so: What's the perfect dish?

Usually snack on either popcorn and drink sweet tea or juice. And sometimes I will bake some cinnamon rolls. Goes great with movie. At the cinema we sometimes get popcorn if it’s hot and something to drink.

Thank you very much, Monty for answering these question!

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Thank you all for listening





  1. Monty, those cinnamon rolls sure sound good.

  2. A big thumbs-up to you for converting Stephanie!!!

    And, I'm with Dawn, those cinnamon rolls sound delish! So does the popcorn!!


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