Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Don't wear a frown cuz it's really okay..

Those who are my friends know that I adore Tim Burton's films - and they also know one of my favourite songs arises from one of his films: THE REMAINS OF THE DAY of Tim Burton's CORPSE BRIDE (2005).

And because I love the song I post it here:

One of the slogans of my life is: "Everything comes to an end." - It gives me hope that every nasty thing that happens won't be endless - and it reminds me that every good thing has to be enjoyed while it is happening.

I don't mean that mourning is wrong. It's just that I think one shouldn't forget to live.

From now on I will - instead of Birthday posts ..well.. maybe now and then there will still be Birthday posts.. - publish "Don't wear a frown posts" - because: I (and maybe you, too?) should think from time to time how precious live is - and that people who left us are still remembered..

So - enjoy your life and celebrate every day!

Here are my "Don't wear a frown" guests of today:

Lionel Barrymore

*April 28, 1878 † November 15, 1954

~ here is Mr. Barrymore smiling at his wife Irene Fenwick [..no ..not Irene Palfy..]~

As you already may know: I adore the Barrymore family.. I might be a bit obsessed.. Of course I love Lionel Barrymore most as Otto Kringelein in GRAND HOTEL (1932) where his performance was heartbreaking - same goes for DINNER AT EIGHT (1933).. The last time I saw him was Saturday when I re-watched THE PERSONAL HISTORY, ADVENTURES, EXPERIENCE & OBSERVATION of DAVID COPPERFIELD THE YOUNGER (1935) where Mr. Barrymore appeared as Dan Peggotty.. and there are so many, many other films with him I love..

Tyrone Power, jr.

*May 5, 1914 †November 15, 1958

~ here is Mr. Power - smiling at you!! - well or at some point above you.. ~

The last film with him in it I watched was THE BLACK SWAN (1942) - and actually I was (like always when I watch that film..) a bit annoyed by the way Maureen O'Hara's part was written - and completely mesmerized by George Sanders' appearance.. (as far as I know was Mr. Sanders "not so good" sword fighting years later one cause for exhausting Tyrone Power so much that his heart failed which led to his death.. which must have been a horrible situation for Mr. Sanders..) I don't know how often I watched it - but it's always the same..

My favourite movie with Tyrone Power, jr. might be WITNESS OF THE PROSECUTION (1957) - where he is more than terrific. He was a great actor in my opinion - sadly he didn't get so much chances to show it.. - and I love THE MARK OF ZORRO (1940) - there are many more great films with him - but I try to name just three or less films to each star..

Jean Gabin

*May 17, 1904 †November 15, 1976

~ here he is laughing with Marlene Dietrich ~

I never forget an interview with this French star and a friend of his (well.. okay: I forgot who that friend was..) where this friend said about Jean Gabin: "He is like water - it's never his fault.." and mimicked by lifting his hand how water runs through ones fingers - and an more than middleaged Jean Gabin sitting next to this friend (gosh.. who was he??) smiling waggishly like a little schoolboy.

I know I first came "in touch" with Jean Gabin through my obsession for Marlene Dietrich when I was a teenager - they had a really hot affair. After reading that - and thanks to our ability to receive some french Telly - I watched some of his films - I loved especially PÉPÉ LE MOKO (1937) - a Parisian gangster hiding in Algier.. and I think I saw most of his MAIGRET films in which he played Inspector Maigret and solved some crime cases..

This was that - and I promise that future Don't wear a frown posts won't be that epic.. maybe two or three sentences less will work as good..

Have a great day - and enjoy your live! And if you can't kick - than wiggle your toes - or poke your tounge out at live!!




  1. I love your philosophy. The little saying by Dr Suess is great, too.

  2. Thank you, Kate! Glad that you like it!!


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