Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Birthday!

Some of the birthday children of today are - who would have guessed that.. - some of my favourites:

Brittany Murphy

* 1977 † 2009

Heather Matarrazzo

* 1982

Hugh Bonneville

* 1963

Claude Rains

* 1889 † 1967

Just some of my favourites.. and in my opinion a very sexy bunch of people..

Thank you for listening!



  1. Happy Birthday to all those you chose Irene. I can't believe Brittany has been gone 2 years now. She was a very talented young actress.

  2. I don't know the gals...except was the second one in The Princess Diaries?

    And, oh, Hugh Bonneville...are you watching Downton Abbey? I don't watch alot of current stuff, but my daughter has me hooked on that. I really like Lord Grantham.

  3. Yes, she was, Monty - her death shocked me very much back then..

    Patti: Yes, she was in PRINCESS DIARIES. And: Yes, I do.

    I love Hugh Bonneville in pretty much all he ever did..

  4. The actress are new to me..

    Great pictures!

  5. Glad you like the pictures, Dawn! I especially love the pic of Brittany Murphy - she looks divine..


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