Sunday, 7 August 2011

To the pictures with Miss Palfy...

Well.. for the most of you seem to like movies (I just have such a feeling.. can't tell why..) why not showing some at AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE??

Miss Monroe is just waiting for you to take your seats, while Arthur Miller is bored - and Laurence Olivier checks what's on the program..

"Don't worry Marilyn, dear! I bring 'em in - who could ever resist your smile?"

Some words in advance :

In the times before TV ~ yes, dear kids, there actually was a time before TV.. - and Oh! I remember it well.. ;"p ~ .. in this times, usually before the main film, in cinema they would show a cartoon, news spot, some film trailers and a short film. In these short films the studios would test their new talents..

I love those - and that's it why you now will have the opportunity to watch some films at Irene's ~ and recently Monty's.. - well, and isn't he just doing an awesome job? ~

So please take your seats, don't spit on the ground ~ unless YOU are going to clean up afterwards...

"See, Cinderella? I told you before!!" ~

So, please enjoy the show - oh, and the main film you may choose for yourself! ;")

A piece of news to start with:

Don't miss this films - upcoming (well, sooner or later..) in this theater:

And now - some color and a parody of a certain film.. ;")

Finally: here is our short film - it's DIME A DANCE (1937) - and I will reveal who is in it afterwards..

so you may guess if you like..

- but in that case you have to ignore the credits in the beginning.. ;")


Part I:

Part II:

The cast of DIME A DANCE includes:

  • 29 year old Imogene Coca as Esmeralda.

  • 19/20 year old June Allyson looking just stunning as Esmeralda's friend Harriet...

  • Hank Henry as Homer - you may know Hank Henry as Mike Miggins from PAL JOEY (1957), Mr. Kelly the Mortician from OCEAN'S ELEVEN (1960) or maybe Six Seconds from ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS (1964)..

  • 24 year old Danny Kaye - very cute if I may say so.. - as Eddie.

  • and Barry Sullivan - who later did a great deal of TV productions - as a sailor.

  • and the Johnny Johnson Orchestra.

And now - please enjoy your own film for Sunday..

Yours (very well and) truly



  1. ooh I love this Irene. Very fun and imaginative.

  2. Do you? Thank you very much, Monty!

  3. I also, really enjoyed this piece.. especially the travel trailer life..

  4. Dawn, I love those old news reel clips.. Great that you enjoyed it! ;")


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