Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Irene Palfy Show - Episode 2 (A Visit From An Angel)

After an unexpected delay, we finally have episode 2 of The Irene Palfy Show. I take full blame as I was under the weather and so busy with a million other things. And as head writer of Irene’s show,
It is my job to get it done. But here we are with a fresh new show…cue theme music as Irene dances
Down the streets of Hanover, happily greeting all those she meets…

In front of a live audience, the applause is deafening when the announcer introduces Irene…but instead of Irene, out comes…me…

“Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself and get the show started today. I think Irene is feeling
A little sick today so I was going to host the show, if that is ok with everyone?”

The crowd responds favorably and I open up the floor for questions….
“Is Irene ok?” asks a young woman.
“Oh she is fine. She’ll be good as new. But the show must go on right.”

And  before I can continue out comes Irene and the crowd just goes crazy…I turn around and there is Irene.  A pleasant surprise.

“Ummm…Monty..what are you doing here?”
“Hi Irene. Fancy seeing you here. I heard you were sick and they needed someone to cover for you.”
“How nice of you Monty. Except I wasn’t sick. My dressing room door was locked. I couldn’t get out. You wouldn’t  know anything about that would you?”
“Me. No. Who would do something like that?”
“And you’re not here because of my special guests are you?”
“Irene, I don’t even know who the guests are for tonight. No clue.”
“Monty…really. You didn’t know that Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu of Charlie’s Angels were going to be here?”
The crowd erupts after Irene says those names.
“Really. All three of them? I had no idea. Awesome!”
“Yeah, well something came up and only Cameron is here. But I can take it from here.”
“Irene, I can do the interview with Cameron if you like. If you want to get some rest and all.”
“I’m fine Monty…you are such a gentlemen, but I got this.”
“Oh, ok..well tell Cameron I said Hi.”
“I will..bye Monty…Don’t know what I would do without you.”

I exit stage left to leave the show in Irene’s hands….
“That Monty…I have to tell you he is a great friend and knows a lot about movies but you have to watch out for him. I think it was him that locked my door. Just so he could meet Charlie Angels. But it’s good, we will continue on. I’m glad to be back for my second show. I was going to bring my cats
Mina and Lucy, but I don’t think they are ready for the spotlight. They seemed a tad nervous about coming on here. So after the break we will be talking with the lovely Cameron Diaz.”

After a brief interlude and some dancing from Irene’s girls….we are back with Irene talking with Cameron Diaz..

“So Cameron. You had a big summer hit with Bad Teacher. How was it making that movie?”
“My god it was so much fun. I hadn’t did a raunchy comedy like that since The Sweetest Thing. I love those type of movies where anything goes.”
“I see. And working with your ex..Justin Timberlake. Was that weird?
“Naw..not really. We ate lunch a few times while making the movie and got along great. He has moved on and I have as well.”
“So what’s up next for you Cameron?”
“I got a few more movies lined up. Just keeping busy.”
“I know my friend Monty would have loved to have met you but he did  have one question for you. And I must’s the same question I have. Will you and the other girls do another Charlie Angels movie?”
“I would love to..but it seems there is a new series about the Angels coming out on TV, so I think the film series is done. Which makes me sad, because I had a great time making those movies.”
“Oh I love those movies. Especially when you guys dance. They’re so good and just amazing”
“Thank you Irene for saying that”
“Oh thank you Cameron for coming on my show.”

And with that another show has wrapped. Cue some Dean Martin music and Irene's dancing girls. And hopefully episode 3 won't be too long in coming.
Good night everyone!

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  1. Yay! I have my own showgirls!!!

    Haha! Loved that post - thank you very much Monty..

    And: Cameron Diaz gave you a private interview, didn't she? ;") Such a doll she is..

    Next time you lock me in - please make sure that your vicious laughter is a bit more muted, my friend.. ;"p


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