Thursday, 18 August 2011

An Award for And then they start to sparkle!

Look: Marilyn Monroe and me ( ok.. I am maybe not on this picture.. - I cut myself out - who wants to look at me when Marilyn is around? Even I wouldn't..) are dancing because AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE received an award!!

Via ALL GOOD THINGS Monty ~ uhm.. "Monty".. where could you have heard that name before.. ~ awarded this humble blog with the "LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD" - isn't that just great?? Thank you so much, Monty!

Here are the rules (and some information) for accepting this award:

yeah.. that's blogland: you don't get an award and just lean back - oh no! - share your fortune! :") Oh - and how I love to!

Ok - so here we have the blogs you please should at least once give a try:

1. A NOODLE IN THE HAYSTACK by Amanda - who is just great! Very clever lady.. doing a post about cynism?? Doesn't sound like she needs help with her crossword puzzles..

2. Betty2ToneVintage by Betty2Tone (Laura) - who is doing a marvellous job with this blog.. I love her musical mondays series..

3. FLYING DOWN TO HOLLYWOOD by Sally - just adore this blog. Can't talk more about it - or I would burst out into songs..

4. HERO WORSHIP by XXX.. yeah, ok.. Monty.. ;") I really enjoy that blog. I am not that educated in action flicks or films from the late 70s to early 90s - and Monty is teaching me a lot..

5. THE PIN UP DIARIES by Sari - love her blog. What more can I say. I am a fan of Sari. She is just great - and her blog is one of my favourites.

Please visit these blogs - they sure deserve more followers!

Just by the way:

I don't know if this award really started in Germany - but if so you might like to know what the German word "liebster" means: It can mean "beloved" as much as "favourite", "dearest" and "sweetheart" ... - do you still wonder about my strange way of talking?? ;")

(gee.. I just hope William Powell doesn't flash Myrna Loy that glance because of some errors I made..)

For this award is called the "LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD" - and I am emphasizing the "liebster" part - I'll show you what are my "Liebsten" on this world in all meanings - here they are - Irene's famous cats Lucy & Mina:

(May I hear an "aawwww", please?? - thank you.)

Yours truly,



  1. Awwwww! They are simply adorable. =O) No, you were not being too bold by sharing the link. I don't mind links in the comments from my friends. Congrats on your award. Your blog deserves the recognition.

    Now can I be bold? I just launched my new horror blog so if you like horror books/films, check it out:

    Thanks for being a loyal Cat Thursday participant every week. <3

  2. Thanks so much for the award, Irene! Truthfully, though, I'm pretty bad at crossword puzzles, unless their about old movies. : )

  3. You deserve it Irene. Thanks for praising me though. I appreciate it.

  4. thank you so much!! that makes me so happy!! I can't wait to post about it!

  5. yay!!!! Thanks a lot for thee award!!!! <3

  6. thank you so much! I'm glad you like my blog so much :D


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