Sunday, 7 August 2011

Let's face the music - and talk : poll results (AMÉLIE)

The AMÉLIE poll results are quite clear I may say:

For two people to vote

– and one of them voting for “I don’t attend polls on principle” ~ thank you for that! Happy that someone out there shares my kind of “humor”..;”) ~

we have a clear winner with GUILTY.

I guess that Sally of FLYING DOWN TO HOLLYWOOD will be quite glad about this result.. Oh – and if you haven’t yet: Please, visit her blog! It’s amazing – love her game of guessing quotes from movies.. I always know I heard it somewhere but I can’t remember where.. Love it! This is really something for champs..

So here is the winner of the last poll:

And a bit of information about singer Al Bowlly:

He was born in 1898 to Greek and Lebanese parents in Mozambique and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. He did a few jobs before heading into music business as a singer. He eventually became one of the most popular singers in the 1930s in the UK. Sadly he died in 1941 due to an exploding parachute mine during the Blitz in London.

Here he sings one of my all-time favourite songs – yes, I admit that: I love BLUE MOON!:

Well – there is another song I have to mention here because the incredible Mythical Monkey – What? You don’t know his blog A MYTHICAL MONKEY WRITES ABOUT THE MOVIES?? Visit it ASAP!!! – brought it up as his favourite in his comment to my AMÉLIE post.. (so many songs to present from that film – was hard to choose.. - I am sorry for just leaving your favourite out, Mr. Monkey, Sir!)

To make good .. a bit.. - here it is:

SI TU N’ÉTAIS PAS LÀ sung by French singer and actress Fréhel:

So: thank you both (who ever you are) for voting – and an extra thank you, Mythical Monkey, for mentioning that song.

– and of course thank you all for listening and commenting!

Yours (well and) truly



  1. Hey, thanks for posting the Frehel performance -- one of my favorites. And thanks for the plug, too -- you are too kind!

  2. You are more than welcome! ;")


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