Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Memorable Film And TV Characters (3): Nick and Nora Charles

Why it's Nick Charles and his lovely wife Nora. The ace detective who retired once he married Nora to settle down and enjoy life and all the pleasures that come with it. Namely large quantities of alcohol consumption.

It helped that Nora came from a very rich family and the pair could travel and do whatever they wanted. The couple were wonderfully played by William Powell and Myrna Loy for an amazing six films. I love all the films in the series but the earlier ones are the best.
Nicky, I don't think you should be playing in the house with that....

Nick is the type of guy who doesn't want to get involved but always does before too long. He may be retired but murder and trouble just seems to follow him everywhere. He would like to be left alone to continue to relax and drink but a dead body always seems not far away. He doesn't like it but Nora loves it. She loves nothing better than to be involved in a nice juicy mystery, much to the dismay of Nick. They are both comical and always seem to be having fun no matter how dire the situation may get. 
Ahhhhhh....the loving couple...

Nick is a pretty smart chap as he manages to solve the mystery before the final reel. Nora always look fabulous and shares in her husband's triumph, with some witty remarks of her own. They made one of the silver screen's most entertaining couples. I loved how Nora always called Nick..Nicky. They just seemed so great together as husband and wife. Another trademark of the series was the class of people that Nick used to hang around when he was a full time detective. Nora's interaction with them was always hilarious. As was Nick's meeting her upper crust family members.
Hey don't forget me!

So here's to Nick and Nora Charles, my favorite onscreen couple and film's best husband and wife. Oh and Asta too. I can't forget him, now can I?
Nora, Asta and Nicky...

Check out the video below for some of Nick and Nora's most witty lines...



  1. William Powell and Myrna Loy had fabulous chemistry together! I'm much more a drama gal than a comedy one, so my favorite of their films is Evelyn Prentice, followed by Manhattan Melodrama. But, I agree, they are adorable as Nick and Nora Charles. The way they bantered back and forth was fabulous...it came so naturally to them. I wonder if they were really good friends off screen? They seemed so close, like they just had to be great friends.

  2. Oh - great choice!! Love both of them (and Asta!!) - and the THIN MAN films..

    Patti: As far as I know they were good friends - William Powell's nickname for Myrna Loy was "Minnie"..

    I am glad they did so many films together - they just were a magnificent team!

    Wonderful post, Monty!! And again I am curious about what will be next.. ;")


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