Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Memorable Film and TV Characters (1): Walter Burns and Hildy Johnson

 Walter and Hildy in one of their quieter moments....

It is so good to be feeling well umm good. Back after a one day sickness I am raring to go. I recently started a photo album on Facebook called Memorable Film and TV Characters, and I thought to myself... "that would make a cool new series for Irene's wonderful blog here." I have over 100 characters photos I have posted over on FB so this will be a long running series. And what two better characters to begin with than Walter Burns and Hildy Johnson from His Girl Friday, which just happens to be my favorite movie of all time. I know what you're thinking..Monty is so shameless..starting with his favorite movie of all time. What can I say but yes...I'm shameless when it comes to His Girl Friday.

Listen to me, you great big bubble-headed baboon!

Embodied by the great Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, Walter and Hildy make one of the silver screen's most entertaining pairs ever. The fact that they are ex spouses just make everything that much better. Walter is a big city newspaper editor who is manipulative and a schemer. Hildy was his ace reporter and ex-wife before she left due to always chasing around after the next big story. When she blows back into town, it's to tell Walter she is about to remarry. But Walter tricks her into covering one last story and before you know it these two are at it again...just like old times.

Sorta, wish you hadn't done that Hildy. Divorced me. Makes a fella lose all faith in himself. Gives him a... almost gives him a feeling he wasn't wanted
I suppose I proposed to you?

 The verbal sparring between Walter and Hildy are legendary as they speak at warp speed. You will not believe how fast they are talking. Especially Hildy. The two trade barbs back and forth pretty much the entire movie. They never let up. But you also begin to understand that they are perfect for each other. I don't think anyone else would put up with these two. Especially Walter. 

Look at these two in their element....

His Girl Friday is awesome and Walter and Hildy are two of the best characters in the history of film. Of course I may be biased so I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Well, isn't that a coincidence, we're going to Albany! I wonder if Bruce can put us up.

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  1. Great idea! Love it. And a marvellous pick of characters to start with!!


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