Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What my favourite recent director does..

I just read MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN (2011) by Ransom Riggs  (- read my review: here.

and now I learned that there is actually a film planned - and rumours have it that my favourite recent director is interested to do the adaptation: Tim Burton!! This will be great! 

Of course I am waiting for Tim Burton's new films to be released: 


~ working with Johnny Depp for DARK SHADOWS - yay for non-sparkling vampires!~

~ also working on DARK SHADOWS - with Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Lee Miller ~

and then there is a film he is not directing but producing:


(I am really not very lettered: I didn't know of this side of the 16th president.. knowledge gained at German schools leaves apparently a lot to be desired..)

This film has Rufus Sewell - to whom my heart belonged in the 1990s.. or since the 1990s? - and: look at Erin Wasson's boots!!

And then there is another film Tim Burton is working on - based on a short movie he did back in 1984 by the same title:

This time it'll be in stop-motion - and I am really, really looking forward for this year of Tim Burton films.. 

I loved the original FRANKENWEENIE  - though the death of animals freaks me out.. 

~ reminds you of something / someone?? ~

 - but this version might will be very, very great, too!

Thank you very much for listening!



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