Sunday, 19 February 2012

Final day of Berlinale - about awards: Bears and in general..

So finally Berlinale 2012 came to an end..

~ Berlinale 2012 ~

Very quick a little bit about another film which was showed during "Berlinale Special":


A Powell and Pressburger film (love their films) - with Deborah Kerr and my beloved Anton Walbrook - I guess I don't have to tell you about the story or anything else about this film which was dubbed "the English answer to CITIZEN KANE"..

So right back to Berlinale:

Yesterday the Berlinale awards - the Berlinale Bears -  were given to the awardees - except for the Honorary Golden Bear for Meryl Streep: she  received her award in a special gala before..

I think the Berlinale awards are very cute:

I won't write much about the awards (and awardees) - because frankly I do not care too much for awards. I love those shows - and I enjoy all those featured films around "award season".. I accept that awards are very nice gesture. And I think that it might be wonderful for the winners to finally receive a feeling of being appreciated and loved (or their work - if they can divide that from another) - but I really don't think that an artist becomes a better artist because a bunch of people says so. Though: I like Honorary awards - those awards for life's work.. I know I might be not logical in your point of view..

~ James Mason and Judy Garland in A STAR IS BORN (1954) ~

Awards just don’t mean so much to me. It’s no difference to me whether an actor has an Academy Award or not. I either like them/their performances or not. Yes, of course I am happy for the actors who I like  to receive an award – it means that a small group of people think they did a good performance. How nice for everyone to know that he/she is appreciated – and of course for an actor it means he/she will get “better” parts – and very likely better payment. But if one actor gets an award – and another not: Is the one who don’t receive one a not so good or maybe even a bad actor?

And how often did you read/hear somewhere that an actor received an award this year because last year his work wasn't awarded? 


Don't we all know one or more actors/ actresses whose work we adore - and who never won an Academy Award? 


If you're interested you can read about all the awardees of Berlinale here.

Have my favourite Award picture:

~ Joanne Woodward and her Oscar - Paul Newman and his Noscar.. ~

We'll see whether I will post again next year about Berlinale again..

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  1. Thanks to your leading pictures and my own adoration I'm now whispering 'Judy, Judy, Judy' repeatedly to myself!

  2. I so want to see this film. TCM rarely plays it. Been wanting to see it for years now. Nice wrap up Irene for this wonderful series!

  3. Haha, that's great CharmedLassie!! It's one of my favourite films ever..

    Thank you very much, Monty.


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