Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 2 of Berlinale 2012 - and some Jayne Mansfield..

Welcome to my second post dealing with the Berlinale and it's films.. 
(I am doing pretty good, huh?)

Berlinale 2012
The second film in my mini-series which I would like to watch someday is

Between WWI and WWII an American woman divorces her husband and leaves her family in Alabama and goes to England to live with her new family - when she dies in the late 1960's her last will says that she wants to be burried in Alabama - and here we go: Her American and her English family have to meet because of her funeral..

It is said to be a mixture of comedy and drama - and will also contain a bit of political history - there was a lot going on in the (late) 60's..

The cast seems to me to be quite amazing - we have beside others: Billy Bob Thornton (who also directed this film and co-wrote the script),  Robert Duvall (do I really have to say something about him?), John Hurt (...), Kevin Bacon (who I find as fascinating as scary..) and the wonderful Frances O'Connor.

Well..  - and now: 

Bygone days of Berlinale!

One reason which made me think about the film I named above is of course the mentioning of Jayne Mansfield there. I like her very much - and she actually caused one of the several scandals of Berlinale history. 

In 1961 she was guest star at the Berlinale. -  Back then Berlinale was setted in Summer - and not like now (since 1978 to be specific) in February - the film festivales of Cannes and Venice were quite a tough competition.. 

~ June 23, 1961: Jayne Mansfield and her then husband Mickey Hargitay at Berlinale ~

Just by the way: In 1961 the political climate in Berlin was quite tough - as you might know: in that summer the Berlin Wall was build - but that really might have nothing to do with the little incident which made this Berlinale go down in history as the "Busen-Berlinale" (= bosom-Berlinale): 

Jayne Mansfield's dress just "burst" above her waistline - and the Berlinale audience actually saw more than they ever expected to see.. I do not post a picture of that.. but another picture of her I really like:

~ the very prominent Jayne Mansfield at the Berlinale 1961.~

And for my Mirror Mirror series - here is Miss Mansfield again:

Thank you very much for listening!

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  1. This film sounds very interesting. Would love to see it as well. Great post Irene! And yes, you're doing pretty good!

  2. Hehe.. Thank you very much, Monty!


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