Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 5 of Berlinale - What's a modern film noir?

Welcome to a new post about Berlinale! Glad that you're still here!

Berlinale 2012

First let's talk a bit (okay: I talk in the most - you listen..) about film noir..

Frankly - what I love most about film noir is that most of them are very, very classy. And actually I have a feeling like this kind of class has vanished long ago. I associate film noir very much with the style of the 1940's - and I might be just driving a cliché here - still: That's about what I think/see for my inner eye when I hear someone talking about film noir - maybe not excatly this scene - but you get the meaning:

~ Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney in LAURA (1944)
-  I adore that film (it's with Vincent Price ... ---- ... )~

For me a film noir hasn't got to be b/w - I think LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (1945) is a great film noir - in glorious Technicolor.. and it also is one of my favourite films.. 

Maybe film noir isn't so much that what other people call a "film noir" - but what makes you feel it is one.  But I am loosing track.. Back to Berlinale films soon..

So: because I like very much what I consider classic film noir - I am a bit curious about this film I will post about today - which is by and large, well.. "very often" advertised as a "film noir.": 

I, ANNA (2012)

In the early morning - after a single party - Anna (Charlotte Rampling) leaves the apartment of her one-night-stand - and meets detective Bernie (Gabriel Byrne) who is going through a tough divorce - and now about to work on a brutal murder case - in exactly the house Anna is about to leave.. He is fascinated by her - and finally makes contact with her - but the more they are getting into this relationship - the more it seems like she is involved into the murder..

I really like to see this film. It is told from the point of view of Anna - and the cast just sounds amazing: It has not only Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne but also Eddie Marsan, Hayley Atwell and - please keep calm: Honor Blackman!

The story really sounds like a classic film noir - but I think if I watch this film I won't watch it under this "pre-condition". I won't think "hm.. is this scene/sentence/look adequate to film noir?" - this would spoil the film from the beginning for me - I mean: which modern film could stand up to our memories of film noirs? I do not say that there are no good films made today - I say: It's like comparing a peacock with a flower - both are wonderful - but you can't really compare them. Everything in films has changed: the stars, the looks, the technique, the world. 

Well - it's still Monday here.. Time for another start with a smile picture - this time related to Berlinale:

~ Berlinale 1964: Claudia Cardinale receives a spray of roses  - and gives her lovely smile..~

Thank you very much for listening!

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  1. I love film noir. I think it is one of the best genres ever. This new film I, Anna has potential. Can't wait to see it. And you named two of my fave Gene Tierney films in Laura and Leave Her To Heaven. And then you throw in a pic of Claudia Cardinale.

    What are you, a mind reader Irene?

    Seriously this has been a fabulous series. Love it!

  2. Hehe, Monty, I am glad to please you.. Less mind reader than just posting what I like and care for.. Thank you for your lovely comments - and: I am very glad that you like this series..


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