Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 8 of Berlinale - some pairings..

Hello - and welcome to this new post for my Berlinale mini series!

Berlinale 2012

Today I will present a film which is said to be a mixture of romance and thriller (...)


When Sam Smith (Craig Roberts) finally works up the courage to ask Mary Bright (Imogen Poots) wether she would like to go to a concert with him - the fancy jeweller where she is working (and where both of them just are at this moment) is robbed. But the raid isn't very well-organized: Mary's boss Charlie (Timothy Spall) gets hurt - and so is one of the gangsters - and a customer is shot. Soon the police arrives - and a gunfight starts. Now the criminals (one of them is Kevin McKidd) are trapped - together with Sam, Mary and Charlie. And while the thugs try to work out a plan the three hostages will have some time for very private and open talks.

I think this film might be quite interesting - plus it has Timothy Spall - who is just marvellous. I mentioned Imogen Poots before on this blog - very shortly, I am afraid - in my post about the 2011 version of JANE EYRE. I think she has quite a career at the start - her last film before COMES A BRIGHT DAY was FRIGHT NIGHT (2011).. Also Craig Roberts was in JANE EYRE (2011) - and like Imogen Poots' part there it wasn't quite a lovely character.. 

I love this kind of intimate plays where you have a small cast - which has to rely completely on one another. Plus (again..): It has Timothy Spall!
Still I am a bit afraid - because I saw some pictures of this film which give me the impression that this film might be partially quite brutal.. On the other hand those criminals in this film are said to be fond of classic music.. So I have some expectations of the soundtrack..

 But let's end this post with a few pictures of 1959 - when Sophia Loren was visting Berlinale:

~ Sophia Loren and Willy Brandt
- at that time mayor of Berlin - later he became  Federal Chancellor  of West Germany~

~ Sophia Loren and husband Carlo Ponti  - a radiant couple arriving at Berlinale..~

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  1. Just saw Imogen Poots in Fright Night. Pretty good actress. Unusual sounding name..I like it though. Another interesting film for me to check out. Thanks for posting Irene!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Monty. Yes, I think we have to watch out for Imogen Poots. (Imogen is btw one name I really, really love..) Glad that you are - like me - interested in this film, too - so: You're welcome.. ;")


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