Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A new month - a new theme..

In this February AND THEN THEY START TO SPARKLE’s theme is called Mirror Mirror – which means I will talk about beauty - and other looks.. 

~ Betty Compson and Grant Withers in THE TIME, THE PLACE AND THE GIRL (1929) ~

Films are in first place a visual medium – they show us how beautiful people shall look. It definitively has an impact of our perception of beauty. And of course beauty is very often also a theme in films themselves. Beauty can be just wonderful – I for one like to look at all those beautiful girls in classic films – and when I was a child (and later a teenager) I wished to be later as pretty as Lana Turner or Ava Gardner etc. Well..

~ the gorgeous Lana Turner.. ~

But beauty can also be horrible: when people start to care only for their looks and e.g. starving themselves to get the “perfect” waistline or when people who do not fit into the recent idea of beauty are treat or even feel less loveable/valuable. Beauty always is just an idea.. – as they say: it lies in the eye of the beholder.  And that my friends will be the theme of this month at my blog. So please take a look at some looks..

~ My cover girl this month will be Miss Vera Steadman. ~

Thank you very much for listening!

Yours (very) well and truly



  1. I love fashion!! This is going to be a great month on.. And then they start to Sparkle!!

  2. Thank you very much, Dawn - hope you won't be disappointed..


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