Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thank you very much, Rianna!

Rianna of FRANKLY, MY DEAR passed an award on to this blog. It's the 7x7 Link Award.

Thank you so very, very much, Rianna! You know I love your blog - and actually I would love to give you this award, too - but I guess that wouldn't be according to the now following rules:

1. Tell everyone something no one else knows about.

2. Link to one of my posts that I personall think best fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, and Most Pride-worthy Piece.

3.Pass this award on to seven other bloggers. 


1. Well.. let's see.. Something no one else knows about? I don't think that something like that excists.. Ok - by excluding some persons (e.g. me and my cats): In this very moment my kitchen is a mess - and I am going to wash the dishes as soon as I'll have finished this post.

2. Most Beautiful Piece:

Maybe my Farewell post for Elizabeth Taylor.. 

Most Helpful Piece:

Though I liked the series about the stars who struggled with Breast Cancer - I do no think that this blog is helpful at all - but that might be for my readers to decide. Actually I have regularly the feeling that this blog better should be closed because it's so damn boring and ridiculously dispensable.

Most Popular Piece: 

Due to mentioning (and posting one of) the pictures she did in Playboy magazine my post about Barbara Parkins  is the most popular one here. It has almost 10,500 hits so far.. Thanks to all those lovely guys with one hand in their pants..

Most Controversial Piece:

Frankly, this blog isn't as controversial as I want it to be: I am simply afraid that I could hurt someone's feelings. I dislike many actors and films that are beloved favourites of some of my friends..

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece:

That would be the second favourite of my visitors: The Disney Villainesses..  I guess more people hunting for pictures here..

Most Underrated Piece:

I have wonderful followers who tend to comment on my posts - which is awesome, because it's great to know that people actually read what I post (or at least look at the pictures..). So I was to be frank a bit disappointed when my review of a silent film with the great Anna May Wong PICADILLY (1927) - was kind of ignored. But I am almost over that.. So: no problem. It's after all not a that good post, I guess.

Same goes for the review of Ingrid Bergman's only film she did in Germany.. - Well.. Maybe THOSE are controversial posts here..

Most Pride-worthy Piece:

Well.. I think I have three review posts I really, really like:


MARTY (1955)

I'd like to give this award to just five blogs. Blogs which in my opinion are just great - and should be read by many more readers - as I said before I'd love to have Rianna's blog here too - but she already has an award - so here are my five favourites:

Patti of THEY DON'T MAKE 'EM LIKE THEY USED TO - a great friend writing marvellous reviews. So many and frequently that I am feeling very, very "inferiority complexed" whenever I visit her blog.. We agree on many actors and films - not on all of course. That would be actually quite boring..

DKoren of SIDEWALK CROSSINGS - the moment I visited this blog for the first time and I saw this fabulous header I knew: that's a place to stay. Wonderfully written posts indeed. 

Perfect Number 6 of NO TIME LIKE THE PAST - a cool lady with a heart for all the cool guys and women of the 1960's - and much more.. Her picture posts are just awesome.

Whitney of WE HAVE THE STARS - I love this project of hers: To watch and review the "Oscar-films". Whitney has a wonderfully witty way to write.  I enjoy her posts very, very much.

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Sarah of THE WICKER BAR - Sarah had another film blog (CINEMA SPLENDOR) before but decided to move to another (new) blog - where she would discuss also other stuff - and it's great!

Thanks again to Rianna - have a virtual hug, dear! 

Thank you all so very much for listening!




  1. Congrats!!! Irene, you have a beautiful blog, which you should be very proud of..

  2. Thank you for the love Irene! Too bad I can't pass the award back to YOU, but then we would get nowhere ;-)

  3. First of all, thank you for this award. I accept it with pleasure and a huge thank you for your kind words. And I just have to say that I am able to write a daily review because I am in a season of life which allows for that. After homeschooling my kids all the way through high school, I am now "retired." While I'm considering transferring my life's focus from children to the elderly by volunteering for Meals on Wheels, I still have the "retired" life. (I have no desire to return to the career I had before I gave birth to my first child.)

    Next of all, I am going to go back and read every post you linked to, but I want to make clear that you should absolutely not shut your blog down!! I love your blog (and your friendship), and I would miss you if you weren't here.

    Finally, I have to tell you that I am a huge believer in blog comments. (As you know, since I tend to leave "wordy" ones.) It's rather disheartening to put your heart and soul into a post which no one responds to. So, although I am not into silent films (turned off WINGS, which features my beloved Coop), I am going to read that post.

    I also enjoy Sidewalk Crossings. Her header drew me in as well.

    Okay, enough rambling. Thank you again for the award. I really appreciate it and will get it up in the next couple days.

  4. Thank you very, very much, Dawn. That means a lot to me.

    Aww.. Thank you Perfect Number 6! ;")

    Patti: You're welcome. I think your blog deserves it. (hence MAYBE the award.. sigh..) Ok - yes.. the time aspect.. that's true..
    And: thank you so much for your kind words - that means a lot to me, too. I hope you're going to like what you see on my blog - and I hope this goes to what I will post in future here..

    Yes, I believe in blog comments, too. Glad that you like SIDEWALK CROSSINGS, too - it's a marvellous blog.

    Hope you all have a lovely day!

  5. Thank you so much! :D This is the first "blog award" I've gotten for the wicker bar, so this is exciting!!

  6. I agree with Patti..don't stop this wonderful blog. You have shed much light on films I haven't seen much less heard of. I thank you for that. And I'm glad to be part of your blog from time to time too. So please keep it going Irene!

  7. Sarah: You are very welcome! I am sure this won't be the last award for your great blog!

    Monty: Thank you so very much. That is very, very kind of you.

  8. Aww, thanks so much Irene! Visiting your blog is one of my daily highlights, and I don't think there's one post I haven't enjoyed reading here!

  9. Oh - that's such a kind thing to say, DKoren! Thank you very, very much! And - you're welcome.


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")