Thursday, 29 March 2012

Completely having kittens.. ..with Anne Francis

Glad you could make it to this corner of blogland, ladies and gents!

~ This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT ~

My lovely guest today is Anne Francis 

- who brought some hungry friend..

Hope you all have a nice day - and something to nibble in reach..




  1. I agree Yvonne...but he seems playful enough. That Anne is very brave though. Great choice in this pic Irene!

  2. Ooooh, that's a bit scary! She was pretty brave. I love these old Hollywood shots. You post so many I have never seen. Thanks for that!

    Happy Cat Thursday, my friend!

  3. Wow.. You will not see me sitting there with my ear in a lions mouth.. It's just wrong. :)

  4. I agree with Dawn. No way, I'm letting any part of me come in contact with any of the big cats! Romulus's bites are bad enough!

  5. It always amazes me how the big cats and the domestic cats are really quite similar in their behaviour.
    You should have seen our kitty stalking the guinea pigs this week.
    Frances is really beautiful isn't she?

  6. Thank you all for leaving comments..

    And: Yes, Dawn.. We lost way to many cats that way. ...


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