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By request: Barbara Parkins

My dear friend JANN

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well, my dear friend JANN asked if Barbara Parkins is still alive - and because I wanted to post some pictures of Ms Parkins I am going to post this entry instead of answering in the comment form. I know, JANN, you did not expect this, but I do hope you like it! ;")

So, dear JANN: It's all for you!! ;")

Yes, Barbara Parkins is still alive. I think she moved to England in the late 60ies (after her friend Sharon Tate was murdered) and then to France in the 1970s but came back later to the U.S. of A.

Schmooze: ~ Hej, how could I resist this?? ;") ~
  • Barbara Parkins was born on 22th May 1942 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. ( Some other sources say that she was born on May 04, 1942.

  • She is an adopted child.

  • She posed for Playboy in May 1967, February 1970 and May 1976.

  • Her height is 5'4'' (1,63m).

  • Patty Duke called her "Barbara Starkins" during the shooting of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

  • Originally she tested for the role of Neely in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

  • She was Sharon Tate's bridesmaid.

  • She is an accomplished photographer.

  • In 1966, Parkins co-hosted the Miss Teen International Pageant with her costar from PEYTON PLACE TV series, Ryan O'Neal (whom she also dated).

  • In 1986 she gave birth to her daughter Christina.

  • Allegedly her favourite perfum is L'heure Bleu (=blue hour) by Guerlain (which I could understand - I am a Guerlain fan myself..).

  • Empire Magazine (or the readers of this magazine? I do not know..) chose her in 1995 as number 81 on their list of 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

The critic's voice:

  • "Miss Parkins is very badly served by the script, direction, lighting, wardrobe and make-up. No actress can survive that kind of treatment." --from VARIETY review of THE MEPHISTO WALTZ, February 3, 1971

(this picture is from THE MEPHISTO WALTZ - I think she looks gorgeous.. But I do not know the film..)

Quotes corner:

  • When she was asked why VALLEY OF THE DOLLS is now a cult classic she answered: "Maybe because it is so ... bad."

  • "I'd very much like to be Ava Gardner. She IS sex."

So, thank you very much JANN for reading my blog and commenting! (Thanks to every one else, too!)

This is my favourite picture of Barbara Parkins - enjoy - and have a great week!


  1. Oh my sweet Irene,
    this was such a fantastical post. You're one of the nicest/smartest ladies I know and such a honor to have this Barbara Parkins post done for me . THANK YOU again and again for plugging my blogs also. Your always the best at visiting them and leaving such great comments. Sure is super nice having your friendship.
    Wow such interesting info and facts about this stunning actress, she is such a gorgeous lady.
    It is good to know that she is still with us. I bet going through the days of loosing her friend Sharon Tate must have broke her heart and freaked her out. Those were such a horrible murders , I hope they never let those people out of prison. Interesting to read that Barbara Parkins was born in May, so am I. Wish I could smell some of that perfume she liked and to be able to afford any of Guerlain perfumes...I bet she smelled heavenly. I see that she was born in 1942 just 10 years before me.
    Irene, thank you again my dear friend for creating this amazing post, please know I say all this with such sincere appreciations.

    1. Dear Mr. Kazoo - unlike you who apparently needs to judge others to get a little thrill, Jan actually has a life.

    2. I enjoyed the post on Barbara Parkins. Thank you!!

  2. Hihi, thank you! (for calling me smart and nice and such nice things..) I had so much fun doing a post and KNOWING that someone would care about it! So, maybe I should thank you instead. :")

    The murder of Sharon Tate and her friends was awful and I think it must be esp. cruel if things like that happen to someone you love/really like or even know. I mean: though I know some of her films and by that I naturally have a feeling of "knowing" her, it is somewhat irreal to me.

    And now, to something totally different:

    Please, do not think that I am crazy - but I found out that in Ft. Worth they are selling Guerlain in Neiman Marcus - maybe you could take a "sniff" there? ;") Well, maybe I AM crazy.. ;")

    xoxo to you, too! ;")

  3. Awesome post Irene. I didn't know too much about Barbara before reading your post but I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing. It's cool to give exposure to some of the lesser knowns from time to time.

  4. Hej, Monty!

    Actually I did not know so much about her either. :") So it was very much fun to find out and make an entry about her. :")

  5. I have been a Barbara fan since the 60's. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I fell in love with Barbara on Peyton Place and continued with Vally Of The Dolls. She is still as beautiful as ever and I am still in love. Thank you again for kindleing the memories.

  6. Well, thank YOU,Ken, for your nice words! :")

  7. Barbara is on Facebook, and yes, it's really Barbara Parkins. She has been on vacation, but will be back on FB this week. Check it out.

  8. Barbara is back in LA and was on FB tonight.

  9. Thank you, Sherry Smith for mentioning that!

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you, Mr. Kazoo, for caring enough to tell me. I tend to agree.. I am sorry that your search for "Barbara+Parkins+Sparkle" just led you to this little garbage can of film blog which seems to be so disappointing to you..

  11. Come on kiddies Barbara Parkins is a has been. Did you happen to see her screen test for the role of neely in VOTD? She was wretched. Now all of you get lost Im through for the day and also remember sparkle neely sparkle. By the way if your a Capricorn you better watch your step. Love all of you and keep up the great work.

    1. Dear Mr. Kazoo - apparently you take a lot interest for this "a has been" since you actually were searching for her.. Thank you for your little piece of superstition. But since your kind of loving irritates me a bit I would prefer if you could turn your affection to some one else and another blog.

  12. I always thought Barbara Parkins was one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen. She said she would've liked to have been Ava Gardner? Another of the most beautiful ever..well, I always wished I could look like Barbara Parkins!

    1. I can totally understand that.. I would love to be as pretty as one of those.. They look gorgeous!! :")

  13. Barbara Parkins isn't simply beautiful, or pretty. Barbara Parkins HAS A FACE, as did Greta Garbo, Frances Dee and Rita Hayworth, Claire Dodd and Frances Farmer. THOSE lady's faces are timeless, as Barbara Parkins face is, timeless.

    1. Thank you for this very definite comment, DanMcGarigle.

  14. she really was a beauty and should have been way up there in the numbers...maybe most didn't know her...but, that is their misfortune

  15. Barbara Parkins is one of, IF not THE, prettiest woman I have ever seen. She is beautiful. I want her to know that she has touched many people with her acting and her beauty.The comments she makes are insightful and seems to express her true thoughts or emotions. Something most people can't or won't allow themselves to do. Her acting was so great it is hard to believe that she was not the character she was playing.

  16. Irene, do your homework! Barbara Parkins NEVER gave birth to her daughter Christina. Christina Madison Parkins was adopted. Mia Farrow helped set up the adoption. Barbara was given a boy baby the first time around and sent him back 2 weeks later, because she wanted a daughter. She never became a big star, because she was impossible to work with. What brought me here? I was googling her daughter because I wondered what ever happened to her, this is a TRUE MOMMY DEAREST STORY. I pity that poor child. I heard she left home early and was possibly a drug addict. I hope that is not true, but knowing Barbara and how she treated that child i can believe it.

  17. Move over Elizabeth Taylor, I remember knocking on the door of my aunt's house one Christmas, and Barbara answered...she was absolutely beautiful, yet natural. Her story is amazing...

  18. can't believe she was only #81 on that list should of been alot higher.


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