Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some puppy love.. ..with Gene Tierney

Wellcome to a new Puppy Love Tuesday issue!

Our guest today (- and just btw this month's star guest at Monty's and my blog LET THE SHOW BEGIN...):

Miss Gene Tierney!

The SPARKLE'S-team has met her during work..

~ with a very handsome friend
- oh.. and well.. yes: Clark Gable was there, too.. ~

... and had the luck to visit her also on set!

 She was filming THE EGYPTIAN (1954) with some very elegant co-stars:

(We want to thank 20th Century Fox for this oportunity!) 

And here is little Miss Tierney's with her younger sister Pat - together with Argus:

Thank you very much for listening!

Have a lovely day!

Yours very well and truly



  1. What a beautiful woman Gene was! And if I try VERY hard, I can see a bit of the grown-up Gene in that little girl's face.

    The dogs are beautiful too!

  2. Great choice in Gene and wonderful pictures too!

  3. Patti: Yes.. she looks like herself..

    Monty: Glad that you like it.

    Thank you, Dawn. (I guess..)

  4. Well, shoot. I typed a response and it got eaten.

    Anyway dig this post! Love the Great Dane.

  5. oh.. not good about your eaten response.. sorry for that..

    Love Great Danes, too.. ;")

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