Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome to a brandnew year!

I certainly hope that you all arrived savely in 2012  - Don't be irrated by the numbers in the Debra Paget pic - What? You didn't notice any numbers? mhm.. Me either.. 

[insert Groucho-Marx-eyebrow-wiggle


Where was I? Oh - yes: I hope you all arrived savely and happy. 

New Year's Day is an approved day to look into future and make plans - and tell those plans to each and every one  - no matter if they're interested or not. 

Oh - it's a wonderful tradition.. 

~ here illustrated by Zsa Zsa Gabor and Esther Williams ~

I myself looked into the cards for our beloved blog Sparkles (wait - did I hear a chuckle?? no.. must have been from another world..)

~ looking at this - I see.. I see a cold coming her way.. ~

And what did I see besides?? That's a good question indeed.. 

I saw: 

The "Start with a Smile" posts on Mondays will return

Have a little reminder - one of my guests then was Mr. Rock Hudson - doing something like a smile..

Then of course there will still be the Puppy Love Tuesdays and Completely Having Kittens Thursdays.. 

~ hope the guests then won't be as stressed as Elizabeth Taylor's friends here.. ~

I also saw some new things: 

 I will  post now and then (I don't know if I can do it weekly..) short posts about new released films in cinema I'd like to watch.

There will be definitively more European films on this blog - and for those films are now and then hard to come by (or frankly: hard to watch at all..) I will try to do kind of "photo novels" to illustrate some scenes.. I do not know if that really will work but I'll give it a try - and please be aware that I might get awfully ironic when I talk about German films..

~ German actress Ilse Werner with her a bit ironic look.. ~ 

And finally:

Themed months - I will start this month with a theme called:


~ my cover girl will be Miss Lillian Gish ~

- and I will talk about some films dealing with Runaways and Refugees and Escapees and Escapists.. (Hence the new header..) Sometimes it'll make only sense for those who are brave enough to follow my "logic" - I will post after my own rules.. 

I hope I can also link the guests of my series to the themes somehow - we will see.. If it works out I will go on doing themed months like that.. A little challenge for myself.. (and hopefully not that challenging for you..)

Thank you all so very much for listening!


(very well and) truly



  1. Wow! 2012 looks to be very impressive and star laden Irene. Can't wait to see all what you have planned.

  2. Thank you, Monty - it's not as impressive as your agenda 2012 - but I try to keep up with you - or at least as close behind you that I can still see your silhouette at the horizon..

  3. I like the new idea of the themed months. Great header!

    Happy New Year, Irene! Looking forward to more lovely interaction with you this year. =O)

  4. Sounds like a great year, and I intend to be along for the ride!!

    Wow, you and Monty with your themed months makes me feel really disorganized and confused! I HAVE added birthdays of my favorite stars this year, but for the most part, my blog is pretty sporadic and random. I need to take a cue from y'all and get better organized.

    Hope you're having a great day!!

  5. Thank you so much, Michelle! Glad you like the header! I hope these themed months will work..
    I am looking forward for more "lovely interaction" (I LOVE THAT!!) with you, too! :")

    Patti: I love your blog excactly how it is. Whatever you decide to do I will follow you. (well.. a few things could turn me off though.. ;") heavy, mean things - but you're a wonderful person and a lady - so: I'll stay.. ) Hope this year will be just awesome - for all of us!

  6. Looks like a wonderful year you have planned.. I will have to check back often. Happy New Year!!

  7. Happy New Year, Dawn! I hope the year at this blog works out as wonderful as I have planned it.. ;")


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")